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Recent Reviews in the Bradenton Area
  • VictorreviewedBoatstation

    I completely agree with the previous review: PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THI... read more I completely agree with the previous review: PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!! They are either incompetent or/and run dishonest business. We got non working boat with the house. Boatstation’s mechanic Mickey told us that the repair will cost us $900. We agreed and he tugged the boat to the shop. In a few days Jim Walsh – the owner of the Boatstation called us and told us that we need to change the pump and few other things and it’ll cost us another $1,000. Then he called again, and it was another $1,000. When Mickey brought the boat to our dock the motor stalled and he could not start it again. In a month or so they were able to tug it again to the Boatstation to diagnose. Jim called again and told us that manifolds are bad and needs to be changed and there is another $1100 for this. After they replaced them he gave me a bill for $1,852 instead. So the repair that was priced at $900 cost us more than $5,000 instead. When we tried the boat the power steering was really tight and when I called Mickey, he told me that it should be like this for this boat. When we looked inside the power steering was disconnected, without belt and fluid. Mickey came back and connected it saying, possibly we disconnected it to make it easier to steer. So he lied to us twice! When we asked another mechanic look at the boat, he immediately told us that manifolds were leaking and had not been replaced, only risers were replaced, which is strange thing to do. He told us that we need to spend approximately another $1,400 to change manifolds and fix power steering. We learned our lesson: STAY AWAY FROM THE BOATSTATION!!!

  • Russ reviewedBoatstation

    Bought a boat from Jim with the promise of a rebuilt engine & a warran... read more Bought a boat from Jim with the promise of a rebuilt engine & a warranty. The engine knocked the second we put it in the water, we were assured this was just the valves "breaking in". The engine seized 2 months later. 1500.00 for a new one, being it wasn't their fault, they only charged for labor. Next trip out,the starter went bad, $350. Next trip out, the water pump went bad,$250. Next trip out, the outdrive seized, $500 to rebuild it. They offered me a loaner boat so I could get out on the water, that boat had 2 broken spark plug wires on the outboard motor, we went nowhere...Picked my boat backup, they helped me launch it for a test drive, they never put the drain plug back in, the boat almost sank, luckily we made it back to the ramp...On the way home, the trailer they sold me, the winch breaks with the boat sinking on the boat ramp, they brought me a come-a-long, following me back to the shop, the wheel falls off the trailer. REALLY??? Well, the salt water killed the new starter, $200, (did that myself). Next trip out, the NEWLY REBUILT outdrive seizes in the midddle of the Gulf, on a SUNDAY... Jim loaned me his Boat US number so we could get towed in. They replaced the outdrive free of charge! What a nice guy! next trip out, the steering is frozen, and the lower shift cable is frayed, $300... Well, everything in the boat was now replaced, good to go. Brought my whole family down for a nice trip out... well.. The water pickup tube was never put back on the I/O, engine overheats, catches the exhaust bellows on FIRE, and melts the new lower shift cable...not their fault, "it works it's way loose", WTF!!!!! needless to say PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!! I can be very forgiving, but I get to Florida once a MONTH, 18 MONTHS now, not a single time out for a nice day, THERE IS NO FLORIDA LAWS AGAINST THIS.. I was told, "let them make it right" well, I learned my lesson... hope you can learn from it too.

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