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Recent Reviews in the Vero Beach Area
  • EleanorereviewedDons Import Auto Service

    Usually, having had to go through car ownership maintenance was just a... read more Usually, having had to go through car ownership maintenance was just a nightmare for me UNTIL I was introduced to Don's a few years ago. If you want the most unimaginably terrific, honest and caring experience in this genre, you have to use Don's. I tell everyone who will stand still and listen to me how absolutely unbelievably unique their personnel are and consequently there outstanding Customer Care. No one on the planet is greater to do business with than Don's. Seeing is believing, so, I encourage you to give them a try the next time you need service on your vehicle or a new/used car. I speak from a long and wonderful experience.

  • TL;DR summary: Tire Kingdom, fail. Mark's Automotive, win. The sto... read more TL;DR summary: Tire Kingdom, fail. Mark's Automotive, win. The story begins with the four original tires on my car. (I’d estimate ~10K miles’ worth of tread remaining.) A few months ago, one tire got screwed (literally) – I picked up a screw somewhere and ended up with a flat on I-95. I took the tire to Tire Kingdom near my home, and was told they couldn’t plug or patch it – the hole was too close to the sidewall. In a pinch to get the vehicle roadworthy, I ended up buying/installing two new tires there (better to do a pair than just one). Obviously, the screwed tire was scrapped; I kept the other (still good) one for a spare. This left me with two new tires and two originals on the vehicle, with one spare original on the shelf. Yesterday, I hit something in the road on I-95 (thanks again), and it busted a hole in one of the two remaining original tires on the car – just the scenario for which I’d saved the spare original tire! I head on down to Tire Kingdom with my flat tire (on the wheel of course), and my loose spare tire … I’m barely in the door and they instantly refuse to install it. “Our policies recently changed; we don’t install used tires anymore.” Even though THEY just removed that very tire from that very car a few months ago? Doesn’t matter. Seriously, I can’t I just pay for their services to put this tire on, and I accept responsibility for it? Nope. No used tire installations. Fine, I told them, then if I have to buy new tires, I’m doing it elsewhere. Goodbye, Tire Kingdom. (Sadly, it’s probably a combination of this lawsuit-happy society we live in, and the big corporations trying to make more money. Places like Tire Kingdom refuse to install used tires? 1) Certainly they’re afraid of getting sued if the tires go bad – even though that wouldn’t be their fault. 2) If they refuse to install used tires, they’ll sell more new tires, right? … It really makes me wonder about the first incident with the screw – was it REALLY too close to the sidewall? Or were they just telling me that to coerce me into buying new tires?) Anyway … now onto the happy ending: Having driven by Mark’s Automotive every day en route to work, and having seen their used tires, I wondered…… So today, I brought my flat and my spare, and I stopped in. Wouldn’t you know it – within five minutes I was out the door with the flat removed and the spare mounted & balanced. Preston was quick, courteous, and obviously proud of their business. I was treated with respect like a real person – not a dumb hunk of meat with money to be blindly surrendered. A simple sign at the shop says they make no guarantees on used tires – and I understand and accept that. Imagine that – a customer CAN be allowed to make a decision, a business CAN be honest and not try to rip you off, and common sense CAN prevail. Thank you Preston, and thank you Mark’s Automotive. I will be back. (Though, hopefully, not too soon.) --Andy S.

  • I moved here about a year and a half ago as my parents were planning t... read more I moved here about a year and a half ago as my parents were planning to retire here (and have now done so). I made the mistake of going somewhere else for my first oil change (I won't name names) and the entire time they berated me with 100 things they wanted to do to "help me out" and increase the overall bill. After fighting them off for 30 minutes straight I looked elsewhere for my next oil change and found "Mark's". Not only did they look over the vehicle, but unlike the previous place, they found nothing else "wrong", did the oil change, and charged me a very reasonable price. That was the first time. The second time they rotated my tires for free (I called around, no one else would do so), and of course, changed my oil and it cost the exact same as the 1st oil change without a tire rotation (no hidden fees or anything like that). The third time I went for an oil change and noticed my breaks vibrating the past couple months and asked them to look into it. I was bracing for needing new break pads, new rotors, and of course another oil change. They could have gouged me for new rotors (I honestly thought I would need brand new ones) but to my surprise they said they could machine turn them and save me my hard earned money. My breaks feel and work as if they just rolled off the factory line in a brand new car. The guy drove around in my car for 15 minutes just to make sure everything was 100%. That's customer service at it's very and utmost best. The total price was once again very reasonable as well. Needless to say, I could not be happier about the professionalism, timeliness, and overall "putting me (the customer) first" from Mark and his crew. My parents were helping me this third time around, they turned to me and said "I think we've found our mechanic here in Vero Beach" and I couldn't agree more. After the superior service we have received we won't be thinking twice about coming to Mark with anything else car related in the future. Thank you Mark and crew. -New arrivals to Vero Beach.

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