Freightliner Repair in Atlanta

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Recent Reviews in the Atlanta Area
  • LeLereviewedMr Mobile Mechanic

    Do not, I repeat do not patronage this business!!! The Mr. Mobile Mech... read more Do not, I repeat do not patronage this business!!! The Mr. Mobile Mechanic, Quentin is unreliable, untrustworthy and outright a liar. He was dishonest and did not complete the service. The only thing he did right was he came after a hour to my home and took my money of $170 from me for me now not to have have a running car afterwards. I have no transportation to work in the morning and due to his unprofessional tactics; he had me up until 12am waiting for him to return with a loaner battery that he claims afterwards he thought he had. He was hired to come out to my home and diagnose what was wrong with my car. He charged $40 to come out to my home- 10 min distance, charged me $30 to take the part off, drove me to Auto Zone had me purchase the wrong part that didn't fit my car and having me purchase another alternator the same night. I told him I believed the battery on my car was extremely weak but because he only wanted one issue to charge me for; he knowingly advised me to purchase some crap called ACID FLUID to revive my practically dead battery. He did not test my battery and after putting on the alternator made 5 attempts to start my car and it didn't! Then uses jumper cables to start it and told me to let it run 20 minutes, test drive to give the battery that any blind person could see was practically dead, power! Took my money and left without even seeing if the car was OK. Of course the course broke down and would not start! And If I would have test drove it; It would have had me stranded because of this idiot! He is not trustworthy! He is a fraud. I should have known with his fast talking, unprofessional conversations unrelated to the service he was providing ; he was a swindler ! Save yourself; go to an expert or have a reliable mechanic come out. Do not allow this man anywhere near your vehicle; especially women. That is who he preys on! Sincerely, An angry single mom now out of $170 and a broke down car

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