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HVW Specialists Tammy said "I don't even remember what its called. My car was stolen, and the wors..."

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Business Name: HVW Specialists

Address: 2625 N Rangeline

Phone Number: (417) 501-6989

Email: not listed

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  • Matt
  • Title: Owner


  • Audi
  • VW

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D | Joplin, MO
Category: Cars

when pushing the break pedal a gush of air can heard under the dash, car is stopping sluggishly

Answers (1)
Nelson | Columbus, KS
Category: Trucks
fluctuading iddle

rpm fluctuate

Answers (3)
Robert | Joplin, MO
Category: Trucks

From time to time this truck will not start. It will turn over just fine, but will not fire. It seems like it is not getting fuel. Sometimes it starts after a few tries and sometimes it won't start...

Answers (1)
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