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Low oil pressure light : 2007 Chevrolet Impala

Car Model: 2007 Chevrolet Impala
Location:Aliso Viejo, CASubmitted on February 7, 2013

Aliso Viejo, CA

Our low oil pressure light comes on intermittently - can be at low speed or high speed, accelerating or slowing down. It usually only comes on for a couple of seconds, but may stay on for as long as 20 seconds. No engine tapping or loss of power, temp guage does not go up. We thought it was just the oil pressure sensor and had that replaced, but the light still goes off. I don't think it's actually the oil pump because it doesn't happen all the time. Suggestions?

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    I would recommend to replace the oil pressure sending unit with a chevy part. With the issues you have discribed 75% of the time it will fix the issue. I would also make sure you have the correct type and level of oil in the car and its clean.
    Posted on February 08, 2013
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      The engine oil level sensor is a normally closed switch that opens with a low engine oil level condition. With the ignition switch turned ON and the engine not running, the engine control module detects a low signal voltage at the signal circuit of engine oil level sensor When the engine is running and the engine oil level is low, the ECM detects a high signal voltage at the signal circuit of the engine oil level sensor The ECM monitors the engine oil level switch signal circuit. When the ECM detects a high signal voltage on the engine oil level switch signal circuit , the ECM sends a serial data message to the instrument panel cluster requesting the low engine oil indicator ON, at this point you need the circuit to be tested may be faulty also was this an original sensor fron chevy, aftermarket sensors tend to malfunction, while in the shop have them test the oil presuure to rule out the oil pump,and also make sure you have the right oil grade
      Posted on February 08, 2013

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