a better way to earn new customers and retain existing customers

Our marketing platform is built specifically for repair shops. We help to grow your shop through three simple steps: reach, connect, and remind.

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reach valuable customers

Since 2006, we have helped drivers find the best and most convenient repair shops. Potential customers no longer open the yellow pages. They turn to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We make sure to get your shop noticed, bringing in even new customers each and every month.

mechanic advisor has helped more than 20,000,000 car owners find a repair shop

stay connected

With our OBD-II telematics device, you have direct insight into your customer's vehicles. When an engine code fires, both you and your customer will be alerted to what the problem is and be able to decide together on the best course of action. Mechanic Advisor provides peace of mind when it is truly needed.

remind customers when it matters

Our telematics device combined with our robust software platform provides proper maintenance schedules for oil changes, brake checks, tires and more. Through automated email or text, you can remind customers of how to maintain their vehicle and avoid major problems down the line. There is no wasted outreach from you, and no unnecessary notifications for them. Everybody wins.

easy integration with other management systems

If you already have a shop management or repair order system, that's great! We can easily extract valuable customer data from almost any existing platform and integrate it into our CRM system, saving time and money.

supported shop management systems
  • AllData Local Version
  • Andreoli
  • ASATireMaster
  • AutoBiz
  • AutoData
  • Autos2000
  • AutoTrackerPlus
  • BayMaster
  • Carrus
  • Costar
  • CounterControl
  • EZRO
  • FastTrack
  • GarageOperator
  • GoodYearGBMS
  • Invomax
  • Invomax_NG
  • Lankar
  • Maddenco
  • ManagerSE
  • MaxxTraxxCE
  • Meineke
  • Mitchell1
  • Mitchell1 Enterprise Pro
  • NapaTracs
  • Navex
  • Omnique
  • Pace
  • Posilube
  • Protractor
  • RepairShopDirector
  • ROWriter
  • ServiceWriter
  • ShopController
  • SuperFred
  • TireShop
  • VastSQL
  • WinWorks