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louis | Lewisville, TX
Category: Trucks
what do i need to look for to fix the NOx(ppm) on the test

took it n for inspection and the emission test failed because of the NOx(ppm). also the power steering belt is frayed too

Answers (2)
Jeremy | Fort Worth, TX
Category: Other
My '77 VW Bus won't start...

My '77 vw Bus has has a "slow start" for the last couple of months but now I turn the key and nothing happens. When I say slow start I mean I would turn the key and it would take a couple of seconds ...

Answers (2)
Pam | Lewisville, TX
Category: Cars

6 cyc engine, standard transmission, lately, when I slow down to turn, clutch engaged, the engine stalls. I'm thinking maybe a CO2 sensor and it's choking out at low speeds. Does that make sense? I...

Answers (3)
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