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5 Holidays That Mechanics Should Have

Posted July 03, 2014 by Ken Kupchik

The long holiday weekend is upon us, and most of us will be celebrating the Fourth of July with barbecues and hanging out on the beach. As a website that connects people with the right mechanic, we understand the daily struggle of mechanics across the country as they help fix people's vehicles so they can get to work safely and transport their families. We've decided to come up with 5 holidays that should honor mechanics annually, here they are:

1) Recall Memorial Day - This is a day that will honor every recalled job ever performed in the history of automobiles. Obviously, this will be a tough day for GM customers and mechanics, as well as other frequently-recalled brands, but mechanics understand full well the challenges of working on recalled vehicles. As a matter of fact, GM should probably sponsor this day for the next several years. 

2) National Toolbox Day - Techs love their toolboxes, and what better way to celebrate this love than with a holiday? Snap-On could promote this national event with raffles and giveaways. In honor of this event, every mechanic across the country can organize their toolbox and take the best possible photograph of it and post it online. 

3) Service Advisor Unappreciation Day - This day is one every mechanic will enthusiastically celebrate. The battle between mechanics and their service advisors rages daily in shops across the country. While it's a frequently overlooked debate, the mechanics of the world know full well that they deserve a day for unappreciating their combative service advisors. 

4) Diagnosing Nearly Impossible To Identify Problems Day - This day deserves a special place in the heart of any mechanic who has checked every possibility in diagnosing a vehicle issue before finally, after hours of investigation, identifying the culprit. Many hours have been spent tracing various leads in identifying vehicle issues before successful discovery, and they should be remembered.

5) Thanks-for-not-parking-in-front-of-the-garage-bay-giving - Mechanics have voiced this as a complaint for years: customers parking in front of their garage doors, blocking them from being able to pull new vehicles in or out. This day is meant to celebrate those who made the right decision, and sacrificed parking a bit further away and walking into the shop in order to not inconvenience mechanics. is one of the largest online mechanic resources in the US. We are the premier website for consumers to research and connect with reputable local mechanics for routine and specialty automotive repair. Our website features instructional videos, articles about maintaining your car, and detailed profiles of over 500,000 mechanics across the country. If you're a shop owner, please claim your shop page for free here