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General Auto Repair Services

Posted February 14, 2014

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General Auto Repair Overview:

Today’s automobiles are more complex than ever before, requiring attention from specialists who have the necessary expertise to service, maintain, and repair them effectively. General auto repair services include preventive automobile maintenance, oil and filter changes, rotation of tires, wheel alignment, suspension and exhaust services, engine tune ups, climate control repairs, and brake service.

Preventive Auto Maintenance

A professional auto service and repair company will perform a detailed mechanical inspection in accordance with the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. This reduces the risk of expensive repairs and unexpected vehicle breakdowns. A multi-point visual inspection helps to identify areas that may require closer attention to determine the condition of the vehicle. Preventive checking is performed for all major components and systems, including engine, brakes, transmission, steering, lighting, heating and cooling, starting and charging.

Under-the-hood items requiring preventive checking include radiator, battery, air filter, water pump, belts, and hoses. Fluid maintenance will include engine oil, transmission, coolant, brakes, power steering, and windshield washer. Under-the-body items will include brake and fuel lines, shocks and struts, drive-train, and the exhaust system. Tire inspection includes inflation pressure, wear patterns, and tread depth.

Check Engine Light Codes

Most contemporary automobiles are fitted with an on-board computer diagnostic system. An experienced general auto service company can decipher check engine light codes, and determine the necessary repair or maintenance issues. Once the problems have been rectified, the vehicle owner can drive the vehicle without the worry of an illuminated check engine light.

Drive Belts and Coolant Hoses

Over a period of time, the vehicle’s coolant hoses and drive belts tend to dry out and develop cracks. Any unexpected malfunction of these vital parts can prove to be costly for the vehicle owner. A good auto repair service provider will replace the hose and belt if necessary to keep the vehicle in top running condition.

Lights and Wipers

Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights must be in top working condition for every vehicle. Wiper blades should be replaced whenever they begin to develop streaks or cracks. A solid and dependable repair company will carry a wide range of blades sized to match with your car. Wiper fluid must also be topped off when it runs low.

Brakes Servicing

Brakes are one of the most critical aspects of any automobile. Professional auto repair companies understand the importance of brakes. Their technicians are experts at repairing and servicing every part of the brake system, including, but not limited to:

  •         Hydraulic brake fluid
  •         Brake pedal
  •         Power brake booster
  •         Brake master cylinder
  •         Disc brakes
  •         Electronic anti-lock brake sensors

Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation

A reliable general auto service provider will evaluate, rotate, and perform the balancing of tires as per the maintenance schedule. At the time of tire replacement, the repair company will advise what the most appropriate tires for the particular vehicle are, and ensure proper installation. Periodic wheel alignment as per the maintenance schedule must also be performed to keep the vehicle in top shape.

Suspension and Steering

Suspension and steering repair and maintenance is important to ensure safe driving. Precise vehicle control can be maintained only when the wheels are in firm contact with the road surface at any given moment of time. A well-functioning suspension system and proper wheel alignment can ensure tremendous and effective vehicle control. A genuine car and truck mechanic shop will be able to repair and service both conventional and strut-based suspension systems.