Mechanic Advisor

Is there a way for two people to connect to one Connection Key on separate phones?

Posted January 14, 2016

Yes! If you share a vehicle with someone, you can absolutely use the same Connection Key. The short of it is, if both of you use the same email and password on the App, everything will work out perfectly. All of the accruing data will be pushed to both of your phone when you hop in the car, and there won't be any errors. However, if a check engine light pops on while one person is driving and the other person is at home, only the person driving will have it show up on their phone, as the bluetooth connection can only reach so far.

If you were to use two different accounts, you could both still connect to the Connection Key, but maintenance schedules and mileage updates would become very confusing and potentially untrustworthy. It's our recommendation that you both use the same account when sharing a car/device.

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