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Survey: When Looking For A Mechanic, Reputation Is Key

Posted August 31, 2015 by Bobby Gaglini

A survey analyzed over 900 visitor responses to determine customer behavior in relation to finding, using, and trusting automotive mechanic shops and the motivations for their choices.

BOSTON, MA (April 2014) - Nearly two-thirds of women searching for a mechanic say that reputation is the most important factor when making a decision on where to service their vehicle. In a survey conducted by, a leading mechanic search engine, 62.1% of women named "reputation" as the most important thing they look for when choosing a mechanic.

Reputation was also the most important overall factor given by both men and women, with over 54% indicating it was the most important in their decision making process, followed by price (30.7%), communication (6%), speed of service (6%), cleanliness (2%), and honesty (0.7%).

However, when looking deeper into the data, there were some interesting results. 75% of people between the ages of 18-24 indicated "price" as the most important factor when choosing a mechanic, which was in stark contrast to people above the age of 65, of whom only 12.5% indicated "price" as the most important factor.


When it comes to trust, a common concern among prospective automotive repair customers, price was the most compelling factor. When asked "What is most likely to cause you to distrust a mechanic?" 40.7% of respondents indicated "higher than usual prices" as the leading factor. 22.7% of respondents named "negative online reviews" Among those above the age of 65, 35.7% said "negative online reviews" were the leading factor.

"Poor communication skills" and "Unclean shop and service area" tied for third place with 16.7% and 16% of respondents naming them as the most likely cause of distrust, respectively. And a "lack of an online presence" was named by 3.3% of respondents.

Finding a Mechanic

Unsurprisingly, the highest percentage of respondents found their last mechanic online, with over 32% indicating "online search" as the method they used to find their last mechanic. 50% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 found their mechanic through an online search.  A "referral from someone" was a close second with 30% answering as such, followed by "I drove by their shop and noticed it" (21.3%) and "print advertising" (12.6%) and "radio advertising" (3.3%) picking up the rest.

Frequency of Repair

Despite rapid advances in automotive technology, car owners still make frequent visits to mechanics for repairs. 70% of respondents say that they repair their car "2 or more times per year," with slightly more than a quarter of respondents (28%) getting away with only "1 time per year."

Interestingly enough, 17.3% of respondents answered "5 or more times per year" when asked for the frequency of repairs, although it's unclear if this is a result of unreliable vehicles or poor preventative maintenance.

Types of Shops

When asked "What type of mechanic shop do you tend to trust most?" nearly half of respondents (46.7%) answered "Family-owned shops." "Small one-owner shops" was a relatively close second with 30.7% of respondents. "Mobile (traveling) mechanics" got a 10% response with "Multi-shop chains" and "Nationwide corporate chains" garnering 6% and 4% respectively.

Most Influential

When asked "Which of the following would be most influential to you when deciding where to repair your vehicle?" the top overall results were "Recommendation from family/friend" (26%) and "Online shop reviews" (24%).

"Low price" (22.7%) and "Convenience of location"(18.7%) were followed by "Gut instinct" (5.3%) as the other most influential factors.

When looking deeper into the data, it's revealed that 33% of women indicated "Online shop reviews" as their most influential criteria, and out of people aged 18-24, 42.9% responded with "Online shop reviews."

Methodology analyzed data from a several month-long survey from over 900 visitor responses in order to determine customer behavior in relation to finding, using, and trusting automotive mechanic shops and the motivations for their choices.

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