Mechanic Advisor

What are the features within the Mechanic Advisor product?

Posted January 14, 2016

There are quite a few of them! Check out our video if you want further details.

  1. The first feature is the detection of vehicle problems. The Mechanic Advisor Connection Key takes real-time data from over 300 sensors in your car, and let's you know if they find anything wrong. If there is, you can dive into the issue by looking at symptoms, a description of the problem, and how severe the issue is.
  2. Next, you have the “Ask a Mechanic” feature. Say you have a broken taillight and you don't know how much it costs to fix. Using this feature, you can ask real mechanics what a fair price would be to fix the issue. Now when you take it in to get fixed, you'll know if you're receiving a fair deal.
  3. If your problem does require you to take your vehicle into a mechanic, you can use the “Find a Mechanic” feature within the app. With over 500,000 mechanics, many of them ASE certified and user-reviewed, you can easily find the right mechanic for your specific issue.
  4. The final main feature we have is our Maintenance Tracker. With this, you'll be able to stay up-to-date on your major maintenance tasks like oil changes and brake repairs. The dashboard will show you how many miles away you are to needing certain maintenance, and if you're overdue, you can find a great mechanic to perform the service if you need one.

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