Postcard Marketing

Make your auto shop standout with our professional postcards mailing service.

Professional postcard mailing service.

Postcard marketing that will make your auto business shine.

  • Professional Template Designs

    Auto shops can choose from dozens of postcard templates and customize each template to fit the needs of their auto shop or they can choose to build their own unique postcard template using our postcard template design tool.

  • No Minimum Quantities

    If the auto shop wants to send only 1 postcard or 10,000 our system can handle any print run quantity. Auto shops can create specific campaigns based on past due services, car types, location and more.

  • Target New Customers

    Our area mailing service allows auto shops to send postcards to an entire zip code or to a specific street based on household demographics.


A complete marketing suite.

The most complete and robust marketing platform that is designed specifically for managing and retaining car owners and their vehicles.

Mechanic Advisor provides a complete suite of marketing tools for auto shops. The platform includes text messaging, email marketing, online scheduling, reputation management, advertising, postcard marketing and much more. With our automated system and integration capabilities, getting started is hassle-free and just a click away.

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