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  • George
    Summerland Key, FL
    Can identify switch or lever for its use
    Removed it from the hull of the boat
    Is connected to a cable cannot trace it to see where it goes what could be the possible use of this
    2007 Ebbtide 2460 Deckboat | answers (0)
  • Andrew
    Hull Repair
    I had my boat painted by the my yard this year as I did not want to go through the labor. Upon expection of the paint job I noticed a gouge in my hull. It is not deep and to me doesn't seem to be a pr...
    1997 Bayliner Trophy 2002 W/A | Photos Added (1) | answers (0)
  • Delanda
    Propeller not spinning
    Hi i have recently bought a boat with a 25hp outboard motor. I forget the year and model. The motor was running fine but when riding back to shore the boat got stuck in a high gear and wouldnt slow do...
    1989 Alumacraft Backtroller 17 | answers (0)
  • Rony
    Request for Boat engin repair
    Dear Concern
    I recently boat a express cruiser and its Rinker Fiesta Vee270, made year 2002.
    I am looking for Quotation on following items:
    1. Fixing  the hydraulic line for the power tilt/trim...
    2002 Rinker Fiesta Vee270 | Photos Added (2) | answers (0)
  • Curtis
    Virginia Beach, VA
    The motor is hard to turn over sometimes but once it goes the engine will not stay running while in idle. But will stay running while in gear. I had to change the fuel lines and ball for pump because ...
    2004 Bayliner Capri 1600 / 160 O/B | answers (0)
  • Wes
    Foley, AL
    Boat issue
    Also my boat is not a key west. It is a blazer bay 1960. Only reason I picked key west is because there was no option for that particular boat.
    2008 Key west 216 Bay Reef | answers (0)
  • Wes
    Foley, AL
    Suzuki df140 misfire at idle and at wide open thro...
    I have a Suzuki df140 outboard that started misfiring about 2 months ago. We have replaced the spark plugs, change some kinked fuel lines, and replaced a thermostat. The last time we took it out it st...
    2008 Key west 216 Bay Reef | answers (0)
  • Marc
    Outboard idle 4000rpm
    Hi I have a Suzuki dt140 1996 outboard 
    The outboards idle at around 4000rpm why is this and what can I do to get this back down to the 600rpm which it should be at idle 
    1996 Starcraft Sport Boat 1700 / 1701 | answers (0)
  • Jeff
    Starter won't engage
    I have a Tige ski boat with Mercruiser fuel injected black scorpion engine with direct drive. When I turn the key I get a click sound near the starter but the starter does not engage. I have 13 volts ...
    2000 Mastercraft Maristar 230 Vrs | answers (0)
  • Alan
    motor choking out
    evinrude 50 outboard motor, idles fine, before it gets to 2500 rpms, it start coughing and choking out.  sometimes it runs fine, then, it does this.  Oil level good.  When this happens, the console be...
    2000 Godfrey Sweetwater 200 | answers (0)