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Auto Reviews in the Brentwood Area

  • izabelreviewedMobile Car Audio

    the audio tech

  • I would give less than one star if it was an option. I totally agree ... read more I would give less than one star if it was an option. I totally agree with the previous poster. I purchased a DVD player with headrest mounted video players from Soundquest. The DVD player stopped working within three months of purchase. I returned to the store and they replaced the unit with an upgraded unit (additional $40). This new unit stopped working too. I returned to the store again and they upsold me again. First they said they did not have a replacement and I would have to purchase an upgraded DVD player for an additional $100 but, it would have to be mounted in another location. I finally agreed and left my truck with them to install the new, upsold DVD player. When I returned to the Soundquest the "manager" told me they found a replacement DVD player and started to install it under the dash on the passenger side which was not the location we agreed to earlier. He said this DVD would "only" be $60 more. I said fine and waited for them to finish the install. About a half hour later the "manager" AJ asked me if I wanted the good news or the bad news. I looked at him dumfounded and said give the bad news?? He told me his technician drilled into my air conditioning condensor. I immediately inspected my truck and found it was the heater core the technician drilled into. Never the less he drilled into the heater core and hit a freon line which sprayed freon all over the passeger side of my truck. At this point AJ said he would have his tecnician take my dash apart and repair the "condensor". I told him it was a heater core and I did not feel comfortable with his unqualified technician taking my dash appart to replace it. I also told him his shop was not licensed or certified to handle air conditioning repairs and I was going to take the truck to a Dodge dealer to get it fixed. AJ tried to tell me his technician would take the dash apart and they would have a licensed air conditioning technician or mechanic install the heater core and charge t

  • KAri reviewedDynamic Audio

    This place is great. The guy i spoke to really helped me out and my au... read more This place is great. The guy i spoke to really helped me out and my auto system sounded great. THEY are how ever pricey. But if you dont mind spending a little extra money you will walk out of there knowing everthing was done right

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