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Dealership Reviews in the Buena Park Area

  • RnreviewedMcBride's RV

    Spent a lot of time trying to find a good place to change coolant in m... read more Spent a lot of time trying to find a good place to change coolant in my RV. Went here and spoke with Chris who spent a lot of time going over what was going to be done on my coach. Well, he didn't pass along the information so none of the items were ever looked at or attended to. And worse yet, when I brought it to the manager's attention, he couldn't figure out that I needed a ride home to give them more time to do the job as promised or discount the job because of the errors. Making matters worse, their website was apparently outdated and the prices being quoted were hundreds more than listed, so they changed the website and charged me more than some other local businesses that I had looked into. I did notice not a lot of current reviews, but I was sold with the involvement of Chris and his attention to every detail while I was there. Well, here is a current review and I wouldn't let them near my RV again. They appear to have done the one item, but nearly let me drive away short of fluids they were supposed to have checked that could have been a problem and cost me much more if I hadn't asked. I need to add that the mechanic was excellent and I will be returning with a promised "Guiness" beer for his effort, but the trust was lost and to have a manager unable to figure out what should happen next was concern enough for me not to return. They could be quite a good shop given the lack of alternatives in the area, but beware if they "forget" everything they told you at the beginning or quotes go up hundreds of dollars. I think they saw me as money coming in and that was it. They could have gotten a lot if they had just followed through on the work! Stay away from McBride's RV in Chino...can't trust them to do the right thing!!!

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