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  • My husband bought a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro in October and didn't notice... read more My husband bought a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro in October and didn't notice some slight damage to the front bumper until after the deal was done. He got several estimates to repair it that ranged from $1300 to $1000 because he was told he had to replace the bumper. He stopped by Victorville Collision Center and they gave him an estimate of $300 and said they could fix it without replacing the entire bumper. We made an appointment and dropped the car off May 1st. They called us the next day to pick it up. My husband went over the car with a fine tooth when he got it home. Not only can he not find where the work was done but they also fixed a few other cracks in the paint on the bumper he hadn't pointed out to them. It looks brand new! These people know their business and are skilled with repair work. The car is 7 years old and the paint matches so perfectly you can't see the repair at all. We HIGHLY recommend this shop and will bring all our body shop work to them in the future. My husband is particularly in love with that car and he is thrilled she looks like new again. Thank you to those who worked on it.

  • Eddie Fierro owner of Mobile Mechanics Team its a criminal be careful ... read more Eddie Fierro owner of Mobile Mechanics Team its a criminal be careful with this individual , i was assaulted by him at gun point and stole my wallet later arrested by victorville sheriffs department , please refer to public records dated 11/9/18. i have witness his a few of his scams with his clients how he over charges for service never preformed on vehicles specially wit big business . this individual its out of control and must be put away for sure and removed from the high desert . if i can be any help to assist you on any case or claim that you like to file please contact me and ill be more than happy to assist you.

  • MaximilianreviewedP&G Autoparts

    They are not BBB accredited! They do not abide by their warranties/ co... read more They are not BBB accredited! They do not abide by their warranties/ contracts! They are sketchy! I was recommended to P&G from sals auto mechanic in fontana, I have a toyota celica Gt 01 that had sucked up water into the intake. I needed a new engine. Sal had told me that this was the place to go. Alex, the owner had quoted me a fair price to install a new 1zz motor (the same kind my car comes with originally) he also said he could switch the position of my intake so that it wouldn't suck up water again.(He didn't) The job was to take 7 days and cost me $2200 with a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty on all parts and labor. However, upon initial payment of $1100 and 12 days later. I called Alex and he said I needed a new air control valve because the car wouldn't idle right, he also said he needed to install a new "knock sensor", something I've never heard of before. It would cost me an additional $250 and another day of work, I said okay. I just wanted my car fixed. Finally after about 12 days and after I paid the $1450 I got my car back, I understand that cars with new engines have a "break in" period of 3 or 4 months for it be in top condition; so I made sure to drive with caution and made sure not to accelerate over 3000 rpms in between gears. After 1 month, my check engine light came on and my temp was spiking. I took it back to Alex and he said I needed a new temp coolant sensor. I paid $125 for the part and he installed the part. The problem did not go away. Not even a day later the light came back on and he said it was suppose to be a different sensor. He told me he charge me for this new mystery sensor, but after he installed it the problem seemed to be gone. I drove my car for 2 months before I got an oil leak. I took it back and Alex told me it would cost $600 for a new head gasket and seals, he also said that he would not cover it under the warranty because it was because of overheating due to the temperature coolant sensor, the same one that he installed 2 months before! Be warned! This company is not BBB accredited! They are sketchy! And they do not abide by their warranties/ contracts!

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