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Motorcycle Reviews in the Rancho Cordova Area

  • We brought our 2007 Ninja 250 to get a new tire, replace the windshiel... read more We brought our 2007 Ninja 250 to get a new tire, replace the windshield and left front blinker, so we could sell it. It took more time than they quoted us and when we went to pick it up the left front blinker they put on was completely different and did not match at all. We said we couldn’t sell it like this and that if they couldn’t find one, we had online from a warehouse. They said they would fix it and did, but much later than we expected which postponed the selling of our bike. How does a company goof like that?

  • What started as a great experience of buying the bike that I loved sho... read more What started as a great experience of buying the bike that I loved shortly turned to a company that blames each other and takes no responsibility for their actions. On the date of purchase I also bought saddlebags and quick release brackets. I asked the men in the parts department to pick out the bags that would work well with my bike. They had to wait to for the invoice of the bags to finish the contact. All seemed well. 2 weeks later when I was bringing my bike back for its 600 mile check up I still had no bags. Ernie the salesman blamed Mike in the parts department and Mike in the parts department blamed Ernie. Ernie said Mike never gave him and invoice which was a LIE as I had watched Mike give it to him on the day of the sale. Needless to say they kept the bike for a week to fix as they did not have the parts and when the bags finally came in on week 3 I asked them to go ahead and install them. They wanted me to pay half the cost. I did not actually think I should have to based on already waiting 3 weeks for their mistake but I agreed. THEN: Guess what I got told these are not going to work and you are going to have to purchase some additional items at the cost of 500plus dollars. I was FURIOUS. ROBBERY is what I would call it. Talk about the bait and switch. I told them that was not going to happen. IT IS NOW TWO WEEKS later so a totally of 5 weeks after purchase and I still have to bags and they are not working on fixing the problem. They said that it was Saddleman's fault as they sent a wrong part and that they would send some parts ground which means we are at least another week out before they are even going to attempt to try and fix this issue. I have ASKED SEVERAL times to have the owner contact me to no AVAIL. Today AGAIN on the phone I caught the salesman in yet ANOTHER LIE. When I called him on it, he hung up on me after I once again asked for the OWNER to call me. They are THEIVES to say the least, and I will not ever buy another bike

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