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Auto Reviews in the Rialto Area

  • Yvonne reviewedNutech Auto Repair

    I have been coming to Nutech for a few years now. Never disappointed.... read more I have been coming to Nutech for a few years now. Never disappointed. Jimmy is always fair and they do an excellent job. Never have to wait long and they take me the same day always. I love his honesty, never tries to charge me for repairs that are not necessary. I would recommend this place for all car repairs. Very pleasant service!

  • Amazing work. The owner Kenni is an amazing woman. It makes me feel s... read more Amazing work. The owner Kenni is an amazing woman. It makes me feel so comfortable taking my car somewhere to get an oil change especially being a woman because I know they will always be honest with me. I will always come here for any of my car needs.

  • Spent $266 to replace fuel pump at 215 Auto...still leaking. Purchased... read more Spent $266 to replace fuel pump at 215 Auto...still leaking. Purchased a new fuel pump on web for $170. Had AAMCO put it in for $110...still had air pressure in tank and gas level not registering correctly. Took my car to Perris Auto Repair Center on 3/18/16. It was finally ready to be picked up on 3/23/16. During the time it was in the shop, the price to repair a fuel tank vent valve, change the oil, and replace a bolt and a grommet went from $535 on 3/22/16, to $602 on 3/23/16 (not including the AAA discount), with a final cost of $589. The mechanic who worked on the car seemed very professional and knowledgeable. Anthony seemed focused on increasing the costs of the service. He went on to recommend repairing a dry/cracked fuel hose, which he claimed only had "slight" leak. At the time, he also claimed the hose might need to be "special ordered," and he was not sure how long it would take to get the part. When I declined that repair (after almost 1 week and $589 since I brought it in), I was concerned that he would find a way to recoup the extra costs. On 3/24/16, the car was leaking gas (it wasn't even leaking gas when I took it to Anthony's shop on the 18th). I took it back to his shop on that day...of course he claimed it was the "dry/cracked fuel hose that I declined to have repaired" that was causing the problem. By this point, I'm irritated as Hell, and I let him know it. This shop seemed shady from the get go (location is very odd and off the beaten path). Anthony has a lot a awards and accolades hanging in his shop, but I beg to question their authenticity. Has this shop been reviewed by the State Bureau of Automotive Repair? Personally, the quality of service I received here was just as sorrowful as the last two places I took the car. The only difference was that Perris Auto Repair charges you more money, only to leave their shop with more problems than you started with. In addition, Anthony had the nerve to get an attitiude when the quality of their work and costs were brought to his attention, and even went so far as to accuse the customer of "disrespecting his shop." He needs to learn how to respect his custormers and start living up to the logo on his invoice slip..."honesty, quality, integrity." Yeah, right! Nonetheless, I took the car back to AAMCO, who said the hose is a $3 part.

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