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Boat Reviews in the Walnut Creek Area

  • NickreviewedPCS Marine Inc.

    Most honest mechanics i ever meet. I had my boat checked out in a othe... read more Most honest mechanics i ever meet. I had my boat checked out in a other shop they told me the engine is defective and needs a total rebuilt. I called PCS to get a second opinion and after talking to Tom for a while and explaining the history of the problem he told me that he doubts that the engine needs a rebuilt but he could not tell for sure at this time and he didn't want to give me falls hope he said i will know for sure after a complete diagnostic. But in case the other shop is wright his estimate was way lower to rebuilt the engine that the one which was given to me by the other shop the parts where almost double than what PCS quoted. I picked up my boat and brought it to PCS they called me 2 days later and told me that the engine was mechanically ok and there is no rebuilt required the engine doesn't run wright because cap and rotor are worn out that's it. I couldn't believe this i would have paid 11k to re-power my boat with the other shop and the motor is not even damaged with these guys i paid $367 total and the boat runs great. Thanks so much for being honest and for your excellent service my boat found its new home. Thanks Nick

  • PeterreviewedPCS Marine Inc.

    It has been a great pleasure to have PCS Marine Services restore my Ca... read more It has been a great pleasure to have PCS Marine Services restore my Catalina 27. I found you through Craig's List and learned about your interest in sailing from your website. Then many months ago, I called for your help with some small items on my boat. It was very good fortune that you did so much more for her by bringing her to your shop. She is now safe and sound, whereas before, she was not so safe and sound despite her nice external appearance. Thank you for your education in thorough attention to the safety of all systems. You turned my old Universal 5411 from the brink of disaster to a reliable, effective motor, and you found and repaired the faults in her hull below the waterline so that she is safely ready for her next 30 years of sailing. Thank you for such professional and knowledgeable attention. Thanks also for allowing me to participate in the work. It has been more than a pleasure to get to know you and Mark while learning so much from you.

  • RickreviewedPCS Marine Inc.

    I found and fell in love with an older Stancraft cabin cruiser. When l... read more I found and fell in love with an older Stancraft cabin cruiser. When looking for mechanics to help me restore this boat no one cared much to help because of the condition the boat was in. I could see the beauty in it but it seemed no one else could. After about a year of looking I found PCS Marine on the internet. The owner called me back immediately after my initial phone call. He came out personally to the slip where I am keeping the boat, "which is miles away from his shop", surveyed it, and saw the beauty in it that I did. He went back to his shop and researched the boat to make sure it was worth putting my money into. He then worked up a very reasonable quote for my requests and compared the outcome to the value of the boat. After a very thorough job of rewiring the entire boat, cutting all the dry rot out of the floor of the boat, replacing floor stringers, installing a new sub floor and install a teak finish floor, repair a poorly done patch in the hull to perfection, re glassed the transom, rebuilt the outdrive, cleaned, painted, tuned the motor along with a new distributor and wiring. Installed new exhaust manifolds, then walked me through how to restore the exterior of the boat. The work was done as if they were working on their own boat. After a wonderful test ride from his shop back to marina where I keep the boat I am the proud owner of a very beautiful and seaworthy vessel. I have had many compliments since. I highly recommend PCS for ANY of your boat needs

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