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  • Chuck
    O2 sensor
    Code P2195 showing  too lean or clogged 02 sensor. Replaced the sensor, code is still showing. Engine lopes or cuts off during idle. What should I do?
    2003 Ford Focus | answers (1)
  • anver
    revere lights
    Hi there. Where would the reverse light switch be situated on my polo playa 1.4.
    2001 Volkswagen Polo | answers (0)
  • zack
    won't start
    cranks but won't start unless i put fluid in breather but dies instantly and can hear pump kick on
    2001 Ford Explorer Sport | answers (0)
  • Scott
    North Canton, OH
    Map sensor
    I have had the map sensor replaced 2 times in the last 4 months and the engine light is on again. The shop is reputable and warrantied the last one but not a vw repair specialist- are they missing som...
    2012 Volkswagen Passat | answers (0)
  • Eric
    Calhoun, GA
    Occasionally it will stall and skip. Just changed plug and wires
    2004 Mercury Monterey | answers (0)
    limp home mode
    truck went in limp home mode overheated what does it mean
    2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty | answers (0)
  • mohammad
    no start
    2016 Bmw 7 Series | answers (0)
  • anver
    fuel gauge
    Hi there, recently replaced part on my enjin, but after all installed the fuel Guage is not functioning properly anymore as well as the speedometer. Someone told me I must check the earth wire, but wh...
    2001 Volkswagen Polo | answers (0)
  • Bonnie
    Aurora, CO
    Leaking gasket
    I have a 2008 Nissan Armada LE. The heater stopped working and the engine overheated so I took it in to be fixed. The mechanic said that an O ring had failed and caused oil to get into the coolant sys...
    2008 Nissan Armada | answers (1)
  • Sid
    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Smell of gas
    When I exit it car every now and then I can smell gas. No leak present, nothing on the ground
    2006 Bmw 330xi | answers (0)