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  • Nathan
    Saugerties, NY
    Car stopped running
    I was driving along at about 25 mph when suddenly the car stopped running and wouldn't start. It tries to start but can't. Local mechanic checked fuel pump, crank sensor and other things and says the ...
    1989 Bmw 325 | answers (1)
  • kelvin
    Washington, DC
    cost of repair
    self leveling system inactive and needs to be repaired
    2000 Bmw 528it | answers (2)
  • roxanna
    Wichita, KS
    Air Conditioner/Vents - No air is coming out of ve...
    Air has been working great, all of sudden there is no air coming out of vents cold or hot?
    1997 Bmw Z3 | answers (2)
  • Rick
    Chandler, AZ
    I own a 2000 323i with 127000 miles.  the car is a jewel and I have had no real issues with it and I have owned it for 8 yrs.
    Recently I returned home after a short trip (30 miles) parked the car i...
    2000 Bmw 323i | answers (1)
  • Joseph
    Opelika, AL
    drivers door power lock
    When I press the unlock button on my key fob,,, the drivers door lock will jump up and down, but not unlock. I have to use the key on that door only.
    2006 Bmw 330i | answers (1)
  • Hector
    Cape Coral, FL
    abs brake light on
    Ihave replace the abs module,speed sensors and the light wont turn off why?
    2000 Bmw 323 | answers (1)
  • Tom
    Milwaukee, WI
    Heater temp control does not work
    The cable that controls the heater temperature has become disconnected. how do I repair it
    2001 Bmw Z3 | answers (0)
  • Photo
    Los Angeles, CA
    Manual book
    I just bought this car like 3 weeks ago but it don't have a manual book how can I get one free 
    2003 Bmw 325 | answers (4)
  • Photo
    Los Angeles, CA
    Gear shift knob
    Hello I have a problem with my car it got lock from the shief gear knob can you help me please I'm desperate I don't know what to do anymore
    2003 Bmw 325 | answers (6)
  • paul
    Pittsburgh, PA
    dry engine start when cold.
    The engine makes a lot noise when first started. I removed the top of oil filter canister before a cold start and the canister is empty. what is causing this?
    1999 Bmw 540 | answers (0)