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  • jeffrey
    Fort Myers, FL
    speedo stop working
    speedo stop working. pixils ok, 170,000 miles. if i put one in from another car wil it work or do i need to pay to get it programed! cost? and will info data stay the same or not! or cheeper to send o...
    1996 Bmw 7 Series | answers (2)
  • Luis
    Houston, TX
    could my motor be blown out?
    My radiator upper hose recently busted. I replaced it but while driving it I tried to turn on my ac, the check engine light came on and then later it completely shut down on me. EML, battery, and oil ...
    2004 Bmw 325 | answers (0)
  • elaine
    Brighton, CO
    not gettting any spark
    replaced everything just not stating or getting spark
    1987 Bmw 318 | answers (2)
  • Nick
    Carmichael, CA
    AC problems
    Just brought my first BMW 325i wagon. Had AC evacuated, and new coolant put in. But still doesn't get cold. Put everything on auto and get Luke warm air. Push center air and bottom distribution button...
    2004 Bmw 325 | answers (2)
  • John
    Greenville, SC
    528i Rear door.
    Neither the interior or exterior handles will release the latching mechanisim.  How to open door without destroying the door panel
    1999 Bmw 5 Series | answers (1)
  • travis
    Metairie, LA
    car clicks but will not turn over
    Pulled battery and jumped did not start.  It click but does not engage to start. Five speed standard. What could be the problems.
    2000 Bmw 323 | answers (1)
  • travis
    Metairie, LA
    turn on clicks but will not start
    Standard five speed 323ci bmw. Just click , does not start, any idea of what may be the problem easy to major? 
    2000 Bmw 323 | answers (3)
  • sylvia
    New Port Richey, FL
    where is fuse 20 in the fuse box?
    hot air on feet want to turn heat blower off,pull fuse 20 but can't tell which one is 20
    1997 Bmw 318 | answers (2)
  • Pauline
    Austin, TX
    Main Wiring Harness
    From my previous question regarding the Blower Motor Resistor on my 2008 BMW 328i the repair has changed. I was recently told by the dealership that our extended warranty will replace the Blower Motor...
    2008 Bmw 328 | answers (0)
  • K
    Galveston, TX
    Tool to remove ABS control module
    When taking out the abs control module do I use a t20 torques 3/8 drive socket on BMW 540i? Yes or is it different? 
    1997 Bmw 5 Series | answers (1)