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  • nathaniel
    Charlotte, NC
    blower location
    when I cut on the heat or ac I hear a loud noise thinking its coming from blower I tried to find it open hood did not see it can someone tell me where it is
    1991 Bmw 7 Series | answers (1)
  • Pauline
    Austin, TX
    Blower Motor Resistor
    We took our BMW into the dealership to run a diagnostic on the vehicle. Due to some concerns of the transmission the good thing was everything was good on the results. It took at least about a week to...
    2008 Bmw 328 | answers (3)
  • brian
    Crestwood, KY
    car is leaking water and overheating
    The car began to leak water two days ago. he carburator light came on. I replaced the water and yesterday the water leaked out and the car overheated. Is this possibly just a hose or thermostat issue ...
    2005 Bmw 325 | answers (6)
  • george
    Hickory, NC
    injectors no pulse
    it will start up and then dies when spray starting fluid. just had computer changed by bmw
    2008 Bmw 535 | answers (1)
  • Alec
    transmission dilemma
    So just bought this 95 325i last week with about 160k miles on it.. The guy never mentioned the transmission having any issue.. Well a few days go by and suddenly the car goes into limp home mode on m...
    1995 Bmw 3 Series | answers (2)
  • Lorena
    Houston, TX
    Air Conditioning Repair
    Estimate of how much it would cost to fix the air conditioning if it does not work at all?
    2002 Bmw 320 | answers (4)
  • William
    Easthampton, MA
    Car temperature guage is redlining after car is dr...
    I noticed my temperature guage go all the way up as I was climbing a hill in my BMW 325xi. My mechanic says that it is not the thermastat, I had him replace that. He thinks it might be the coolant exp...
    2002 Bmw 320 | answers (3)
  • Eroc
    Inglewood, CA
    Driver side door wont close or lock
    My driver side door's comfort access just stop working, the soft close wont work and the door and only closes sometimes. 
    2008 Bmw 750 | answers (8)
  • greg
    Whitehall, MI
    service engine soon light on
    I had engine scan check and indicated - A I R D fault code and read - secondary air injection pump - What is the function of this and is it difficult to repair
    2000 Bmw 528 | answers (1)
  • John
    Bronx, NY
    Brake lights stay on
    I have a1999  BMW. 528i my problem is the brake lights stay. On, changed the brake light switch & that didn't work please help me I'm going crazy!!!????????
    1999 Bmw 5 Series | answers (2)