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2006 Cadillac CTS Repair Questions

Recent Repair Questions

  • Tami
    Phoenix, AZ
    Motor mounts replaced
    Need motor mounts on a 2006 Cadillac CTS replace I need an estimate unsure if it's a V6 or a V8
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  • keith
    Rowlett, TX
    how to set timing
    how do i set timing on a 3.6 liter engine cadillac cts 
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  • J
    Ocala, FL
    Turn Signal Repair
    The right front turn signal does not work, we have replaced the bulb and check all fuses.  The back signal works fine and the inside turn signal indicator acts like a bulb is burnt out...the signal cl...
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  • Keith
    Warren, MI
    ignition coils.
    Should all be replaced at the same time? And what is there function?
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  • jeff
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Maybe electrical issues- i dont know
     1) My tail lights work but when I push on the break paddle, the break lights do not work -- all the bulbs for the lights work 
     2) my windshield wipers activate even in the off position
     3) when I ...
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