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2001 Chevrolet Malibu Repair Questions

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  • Jason
    Kent, WA
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  • Jennifer
    Spokane, WA
    Car will not start...
    We replaced the battery, not the problem. Everyone says it's the starter but I replaced the starter 5 years ago. When my starter was out, the sounds were completely different than they are now. We als...
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  • Joe
    Saint Paul, MN
    sudden stoppage of signal lights
    my daughter's car had water in the back tail lights, and after changing the bulbs it seems to work -
    except periodically the signal system just shuts down and does not work at all..........
    what cou...
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  • Ray
    Syracuse, NY
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  • Timothy
    Denver, CO
    Anti-freeze leaking FAST
    so my car just recently started dumping antifreeze extremely fast.  like a gallon in less than 5 mins.  its coming from just under the head gasket.  there is a hole about 1 in diameter where it is com...
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  • MR
    Florissant, MO
    Head Lights
    Right light won't come on, replaced bulb still don't work, I check for continuity and voltage at the plug, both are good but still no light.  What are the chances I purchased a bad replacement lamp???
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  • paul
    Richmond, TX
    wont start after cranking engine intermitantly
    intermintantly engine will not run,when this happens i noticed security light is flashing,no ecm codes installed crankshaft position sensor ,ran for several days & now wont start again. there is no re...
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