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1995 Ford Mustang Repair Questions

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    car will not crank...
    car will not crank start or nothing...somebody ripped out the ignition..and pulled some wires from under the dash from a chaoman alarm system box.and i don't know whats wrong with it..the alarm light ...
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  • Kevin
    Portland, OR
    put in new thermostat, how do I bleed the system?
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  • Corderio
    Newport News, VA
    i have a problem with my ac i went to get it checked they said i need a constant control relay box,my question is how does that box control ac
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  • Hannah
    Pembroke, NC
    Car dies overnight
    Since June this car has given me nothing but trouble. Radiator blew; fixed it, motor blew; replaced it, car started dying overnight about 2 weeks ago. We thought it was the battery so we bought a new ...
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