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1996 Ford Taurus Repair Questions

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  • Kathleen
    Jonesboro, GA
    Blew head gaskets and am interested in getting them resurfaced where do u recommend I go and how much u think it would cost
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  • Steve
    Kannapolis, NC
    No Spark
    replaced coil, crank & cam sensors
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  • jacki
    Grand Forks, ND
    is my taurus sho fixable?
    my 1996 ford taurus sho stalled on me & the mechanic that looked @ it said there was no compression in the 2 back cylinders so the motor was shot.  is there anything that can be done?  also would it c...
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  • Tom
    San Pablo, CA
    oil and electrical
    will oil dripping on an electrical line short out voltage going through it. If the line is bear?
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