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2007 Ford Fusion Repair Questions

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  • Dion
    (vCS) locations
    Trying to locate the VCS on a 07 fusion SE3.0 liter i had the p0305 code and this is what it said to start with. Ibe checked plugs not bad shape
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  • kimberly
    Scranton, PA
    a/c blowing hot air
    my a/c is blowing hot air no one seems to know what is wrong maybe you could help with this issue and to see what it is going to cost to find out what the problem is. thank you
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  • robert
    Somerset, KY
    why does radiator fan run on high speed non stop w...
    I used interdynamics EZ chill R-134a refrigerant plus oil with leak sealer on my 2007 ford fusion 3.0 V6 and now the radiator fan runs on high speed the entire time the ac is on. It is running so fast...
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