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  • Tim
    Chino Valley, AZ
    Doors lock and unlock by themselves speedometer don't work gauges work sometimes have to unhook battery cable or battery goes dead
    2003 Hummer H2 | answers (1)
    Austell, GA
    2008 H3 HUMMER ALPHA 5.3L Dealer says 0.0 PSI from bottom hose, don't know if its clogged, but the compressor is making noises.  Wants me to return next week for further diagnostics.  $1300 to replace...
    2008 Hummer H3 | Photos Added (1) | answers (3)
  • willie
    Opelousas, LA
    Radiator fan appear wobbly and is squeaky
    When inspecting an occasional squealing noise, the radiator fan seemed unsteady. Grabbed the fan motor base by hand and the whole thing has some play in it. Is this normal, because I tightened the fou...
    2006 Hummer H3 | answers (1)
    Wichita Falls, TX
    Wheel shake
    What could be the reason for violent shaking of the front wheels when applying brakes from speeds of 35 MPH or more? Wheel balance and front end alignment done within last 8 months. Will have brakes, ...
    2003 Hummer H2 | answers (1)