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  • michael
    Springfield, IL
    power windows stopped working
    My power windows stopped working,The switches click but motors wil not operate. The passenger side was the last to stop. I am thinking that perhaps it is not the motors or switches but something else....
    2005 Kia Sedona | answers (2)
  • betty
    Newport News, VA
    gas petal
    When you stop at light and then start to go,car will just creep along,had new timing belt put on and all 80,000 miles checkup done,also put new mass sencor done,all new wires,will not show up on disca...
    2002 Kia Rio | answers (1)
  • Christine
    Anderson, SC
    Could a bad battery be causing the check engine li...
    Our engine light is on and there are 2 codes coming up:  P0502 speed sensor, and P0507 Idle air control.  I know the battery is bad, keep having to charge it up.  The speedometer dial also stopped wor...
    2005 Kia Sedona | answers (1)
  • jessica
    Abbeville, MS
    what should the timing belt be set on the cranksha...
    the timing belt is being replaced on my car and on the crankshaft it has degrees such as 5,10,15 we set it on dead center but it seems to be running different
    2004 Kia Optima | answers (1)
  • brenda
    Scranton, PA
    body work
    how much to repair a dent in the door handle of my Kia Forte...
    2010 Kia Forte | answers (1)
  • josephine
    Tuscaloosa, AL
    Something is draining my battery.
    I have had my alternator replaced and battery replaced twice. My alternator was checked and it is ok. But, something keeps draining the battery. What could it be the cause?
    2003 Kia Optima | answers (1)