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2004 Kia Optima Repair Questions

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  • charles
    Auburn, CA
    gas tank issue
    when we bought this car at 78K mi, there was no problem such as I'm about to describe.  About a year later, when we put gas in the tank, the car is difficult to start initially in that the engine acts...
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  • ellie
    Auburn, CA
    poor start after gasing up
    after filling gas tank, car hard to start; wants to cut out requiring pumping of gas pedal to keep it going.  All starts after 1st one are no problem till next fill-up.
    Where is the fuel pump locat...
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  • Clive
    Spring Hill, TN
    engine quit will driving
    I was driving the car it just shut off. absolutely no signs anything was wrong. when you try to start it sounds normal just wont kick over. 
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  • Dana
    Bitely, MI
    Throttle Position Sensor Location
    My check engine light just came on recently, and we had a scope put on it, and it said the Throttle Position Sensor A circuit low input. Where is this sensor located, and how hard of a job is it to re...
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  • Scott
    Athol, MA
    Stops working
    When I'm driving the engine cuts out,  Some times it will come back only to cut out again. this usually happens within the first 15 min of driving. Some times it wont start at all.  It is very intermi...
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  • jessica
    Abbeville, MS
    what should the timing belt be set on the cranksha...
    the timing belt is being replaced on my car and on the crankshaft it has degrees such as 5,10,15 we set it on dead center but it seems to be running different
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