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  • Photo
    New York, NY
    Leasing A Car
    Address: 404 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
    Phone: 646-687-8405
    About US
    Leasing a car in New York and the surrounding areas is a big decision, and one th...
    1961 Lincoln Continental Series | Photos Added (1) | answers (0)
  • Barbara
    Springfield, MO
    Y doseheater not work
    Heater dose not work
    1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature | answers (0)
  • Shafic
    Will adding fuel injector help lean combustion
    1998 Lincoln Continental | answers (2)
  • ramon
    Del Valle, TX
    starting car
    I have power to car but sometimes when I turn key over it don't do anything. Not even try to turn over
    2003 Lincoln LS | answers (1)
  • Thomas
    Fort Worth, TX
    As Built Data...
    I have replaced the atc module on this vehicle and tried to pull the data from the old module and install it onto the new module, but I keep getting error messages... Using the new module (not swappin...
    2006 Lincoln LS | answers (1)
  • Chris
    Florence, AL
    ABS Light
    I replaced my front wheel bearings and now my ABS light comes on intermittently. The brakes do feel funny sometimes. The bearings came with new sensors. The light never came on before I replaced the b...
    2004 Lincoln LS | answers (1)
  • robert
    Madison, IL
    no brakes
    the car is a continental not a mark vii
    1999 Lincoln Continental | answers (1)
  • robert
    Madison, IL
    no brakes
    I was bleeding the brakes and when I got to the left front no fluid came out of the bleeder.  the brake pedal is stiff. what to check next????
    1999 Lincoln Mark VIII | answers (1)
  • David
    Pharr, TX
    air conditoner
    The air conditioner works at idle and u to about 55 MPH, then as I speed up to cruise range the blower just blows ambient temp. air, what causes this? 
    2003 Lincoln Town Car | answers (1)
  • mac
    Las Vegas, NV
    drive engage jerk nose
    Just within 10 seconds after engine starts,when car is in parking,I can hear and feel jerk,sort of engaging nose,like transfer case engage with transmission or something, only for a second,it's rather...
    2004 Lincoln Aviator | answers (2)