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2003 Nissan Altima Repair Questions

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  • Doug
    Newark, OH
    Shifts very slow. Question i have is does this late of car still have the control modual for the shift or is it all electronic ? 
    Is ther any easy or cheap lol haha things that can be replaced before...
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  • thelma
    Norfolk, VA
    repair service
    cost to install alternator
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  • Danny
    Edison, NJ
    Radiator problems
    My car is burning up the radiator fluid and I have to refill it two a week. Anyone have a reason why this is happening.
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  • Jim
    Fort Benning, GA
    Alternator Replacment
    I need to know what tools I need to replace the Alternator
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  • David
    Guntersville, AL
    Fuel Door
    how to fix broken release cable
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  • Michael
    Indianapolis, IN
    When driving on x-way, I'm getting an hard shift when reaching 60 to 75 mph?
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  • Stan
    Brentwood, NY
    Car not starting or moving
    My car recently shutdown on me while driving the battery and the brakes light is on. when i press the gas it wouldn't move. When i try to start ill just crank when i gave it a boost it starts then ill...
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  • Chris
    Phoenix, AZ
    Car will not start
    When I try to start my car it sound like it is going to turn over and start but does not.  Mechanic started with starter fluid and problem went away.  Diagnostics showed good fuel pressure.  Mechanic ...
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