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2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Repair Questions

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  • Brandi
    Engine codes P0758, P0753 and P1860
    I took my car to auto zone to have the codes read and when it is in drive at a stop, then I push the gas it holds back and very slowly will increase speed. Once it gets going its ok but as soon as I h...
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    Cedar Grove, TN
    ignition key
    do i have to re-program the anti-theft computer (if i have one) after installing a new key ignition lock on steering collume
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  • Lori
    Middleburgh, NY
    car will not stay running
    have replaced fuel lines, fuel pump, gas tank and cap and it still will not stay running.. it starts beautiful but then shuts off
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  • Mike
    Newark, NY
    Water in gas?
    The exhaust on the car broke at the flange between the converter and the resonater. The oxygen sensor is just upstream from this joint. It was driven like this for a couple of days. During this time, ...
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  • David
    Arlington, TX
    I think emissions
     The car will not keep running, but it starts.  Replaced the fuel pump.  This is the small 6 cyl.
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