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  • Debra
    Kenosha, WI
    Need a rebuilt motor how much is it going to cost to replace
    2008 Saturn Aura | answers (0)
  • Molly
    Jacksonville, FL
    Engine hesitation
    Just replaced mass airflow sensor because of hesitation.  Help it but didn't fix completely.  Now there is a high pitch winding noise when I reach around 3k RPMs.  Its a 5 speed. What the hell?
    2007 Saturn SKY | answers (0)
  • Christina
    Sacramento, CA
    Engine jerk
    After replacing all motor mounts, the engine is still jerking whenever I switch gears. I believe I'm missing a part of my engine that doesn't allow it to sit still, I'm just not sure which part that c...
    2001 Saturn SC | answers (0)
  • william
    heater core replacment
    Where can I find the heater core?
    2005 Saturn Relay | answers (2)
  • jeff
    Friendswood, TX
    clutch issue
    this morning the clutch was next to the break, then it popped up to under the dash. real high. the clutch still work but difficult to drive. then when taking it to the shop it popped again and now it ...
    2008 Saturn Ion | answers (0)
  • shannon
    Terre Haute, IN
    car will not strat
    replace the battery with a new one. still do not strat. cables are no good.
    1992 Saturn SL | answers (1)
  • jerry
    Lexington, AL
    manual window malfunctions
    While rolling my window up, the handle stopped working. Now it just spins freely with no result.what i want to know is how to get the handle off, so i can check it.
    1998 Saturn SC1 | answers (2)
  • Ami
    Houston, TX
    My car shakes when I apply the brakes, how serious...
    I have had the brakes completely replaced front and back, a have all purchased all new tires, and had them balanced and aligned.  The car will stop easily, but after driving the car awhile, or stoppin...
    2007 Saturn Vue | answers (3)
  • Eugene
    Waltham, MA
    Airconditioning Stays On All The Time
    My A/C works fine-it operates at the correct pressure of freon, and cycles normally. It works in automatic (defrost mode) normally, and cools normally. however, it will not shut off-the only time it s...
    2002 Saturn S-Series Sedan | answers (2)
  • sergio
    El Paso, TX
    gas leak
    my car smells like gas
    2003 Saturn L 200 | answers (1)