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  • Amanda
    Knoxville, TN
    Loud acceleration
    My car is now very loud when driving, but idles quietly. The maintenance required light is on. What's going on with my car? I don't have a lot of money to fix it either. Please help!
    2008 Scion xD | answers (0)
  • Kendra
    Front end squeaks when in motion on drivers side
    Need help on some possible problems that could be causing my front drivers side wheel to be skreeching when my car is in motion. The only time there is no noise is when I am accelerating.
    2005 Scion tC | answers (1)
  • David
    San Antonio, TX
    Rough Idle
    Vehicle runs good, but on occasion when you are sitting at a stop it will begin to idle roughly. Once you step on accelerator the engine runs smoothly and shifts fine.  Again this only occurs every so...
    2008 Scion xB | answers (2)
  • Marlon
    Roy, WA
    EVAP problems after transporting car
    Thank you in advance, I have a 2007 scion tc that just got transported across the country via truck transport, and now after the trip the check engine light came on. The codes read the following,
    2007 Scion tC | answers (1)
  • Susan
    Philadelphia, PA
    2013 Scion FR-S | answers (1)
  • Dennis
    Liverpool, NY
    power to aux power is out
    I checked the manual which suggests that fuse # 7 should be a 15 amp fuse.  It's actually a 10 amp fuse and is not burned out.  I power my GPS with this power socket, but its not getting juice.
    2012 Scion xB | answers (1)