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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Clifton Area

  • Would give a -5 rating if I could - We purchased a "new" used vehicle ... read more Would give a -5 rating if I could - We purchased a "new" used vehicle while we were in Arizona this year and did not get a base plate on it at the time as there was no place near our location that knew what we were talking about. I drove the car to Colorado as we knew we would find a place in Colorado where we were going that would, and we were correct. There is a RV Dealer/Repair shop here in Delta, CO that we talked to when we first got here and we were told no problem just let them know when we were ready. We are schedule to leave this area on the 8th so the first of August we went to the owner and told him to order the base plate as we needed it to be installed by Sept. 4th. No problem he said, he would have the plate the next day, well we waited and waited and never heard from him so we found another place in Montrose that could do it and was about ready to give the job when the guy in Delta called and left a message for us to be in last Saturday. After we talked about it and since we had not told the guy in Montrose okay, we took the car to Jim's Outback RV in Delta to get the base plate installed. Fred went in on Friday and talked to the guy who would be doing the job and looked at the part to ensure it was right for our tow (he took the tow off the back of the coach to make sure it would fit right). He was told that it would take 4-5 hours to installed and the owner, (Jim) quoted him an hourly rate which was the same he told us back in June, so we were set to go. Saturday morning at 9:00 Fred took the car in and a friend brought him back to the coach as we were scheduled at the park that day. Fred called and checked on it at noon and was told that it was taking longer than thought but they would have it by the end of the day and would give us a call when ready. Finally at 3:30 we got the called it was ready. We took the coach to go pick it up just to ensure all was right, things were lined up right and it would tow right. Everything looked good so we went in to settle up. Now, Jim closes his ship at 4:00 so he was rushing us at this point as everyone wanted out and he wanted to lock up the shop. We got the bill and it was about $500 higher than I thought it should be but I was not sure what was done. Paid the bill and we got ready to leave when I realize I was not given an itemized bill. Fred said something to Jim and he handed him one as we all were getting into our vehicles to leave. Got home and realized he charged us for 10 hours of service - well he only had the car for 6.5 hours so how did we get to 10 hours. Monday we went back to see him and found out he was charging us per hour per person and he said he had two guys on our car the entire time but he was giving us a discount by only charging for 10 hour instead of 13 - WHAT - he quoted us a hourly rate for the service and then he doubling it because he put two guys on the project - Never in my life have I had a service charge be a per person charge. He said that was standard in the business and that the installation was harder than they thought and that was that. We tried to discuss this with him further and he really gave us the attitude that he did not care what we thought as I was a female and just did not understand plus we are just passing through so he did not need to worry about us being repeat business. At this point I told him he was going to learn about the power of social media. Sorry for the long explanation but should you ever find yourself in the Montrose - Delta - Grand Junction area of Colorado stay away from Jim's Outback RV as the owner Jim does not really care about your business and he is not honest or trustworthy with his quotes. Thanks for listening to me.

  • Last May they sold us a trailer that had defects. The heater has neve... read more Last May they sold us a trailer that had defects. The heater has never worked. We took it in for winterization and repair after our water line froze last October; they left the tanks full of human waste and apparently didn't fix the heater. When we finally set it up for hunting, there is a big hole in a door you can't see until you pull the slide out, when had need of the heater finally last weekend, it still doesn't work and they said it is "not our problem, it's been a year" we trusted them at their word that they made good and fixed it the first time. Clearly their word means nothing. Caveat Emptor should be their slogan.

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