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Dealership Reviews in the Denver Area

  • Many thanks to Gunbarrel Import Motors for providing excellent service... read more Many thanks to Gunbarrel Import Motors for providing excellent service and for being a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend Jon and the team! Christine Slusarek

  • On March 18, 2013, I purchased a 2002 Jaguar 3.0 X Type from Unlimited... read more On March 18, 2013, I purchased a 2002 Jaguar 3.0 X Type from Unlimited Motors. At the time of purchase the Financial Rep., Janet, promised me full service on oil change and tune up. At that time spark plugs had to be ordered so service was rescheduled for the following week. Upon arriving Unlimited Motors, advised me there was no mechanic on duty so had to reschedule again for the following week out. They assured me a mechanic would be there. The following Saturday I came again, they told me I needed to leave the car so I did. Mind you before this visit, the car ran perfect. No problems at all. So, I arrived at approx. 10 am the next day (Sunday). I waited approx. 2 hrs before they told me they were draining the oil and waiting for mechanic to refill. So I waited another hour or 2. After seeing the impatience and disgust on my face, the Finance Rep.Janet, came out and told me that Jay (salesman) was going to drain and put the oil back in because the mechanic still had not showed up. Fully frustrated and upset with them, which i didnt try to hide any longer because of the numerous times this was attempted. After about 30 minutes after that, Jay came and handed me the keys and said I was ready to go. So they drained the oil from the car and never put any back in. After approx. 4 - 6 wks., the car began to run hot, so I bought antifreeze and filled the radiator. Still was running hot and then thermostat went out. I replaced that. All the time in the back of my mind something is telling me to check the oil, but I dont because Im confident its not that because they just changed that. Or so I thought. I was wrong. 1 month after all this which was in June the motor blew up. Mechanics said there was no oil in the car. I argued the point because I was sure they had done their promised job. When I called to complain to them Janet, Financial person said to me, "You have to change oil every 3 wks". I said, "that's a lie, No car requires that. Oil to be changed every 3 - 6 months", basically every 6 months. Then she said well we are not responsible. I told her they were because nobody else has touched the car but them. Then she tried to say, no because we dont service cars. I told her well you serviced this one because those are the only circumstances I would buy the car and yall serviced it. O so you said. You serviced it alright.. Removed the oil and didnt put oil back in it.

  • JanicereviewedRoyal Automotive

    My husband and I are pleased to endorse this repair shop. They had pre... read more My husband and I are pleased to endorse this repair shop. They had previously done some work on our Ford Explorer and we decided to give them a chance on our other vehicle. A full diagnosis was done on my Lexus IS250 and I was told up front how much it would cost along with a description of the items that needed immediate attention and others that could wait awhile. The sales manager, Ahsan, is very honest and runs the shop with absolute integrity. The service was as good as we would have received at Kuni Lexus for much less. The work was completed quickly and as promised. I plan to have Royal Automotive take care of all our maintenance and repair needs in the future. I really don't mind the drive from Lone Tree to Denver. They can work on practically anything--American cars to imports. I plan to recommend this shop to all my friends and clients in the future. Janice

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