Connection Key

Real-time vehicle health reports delivered right to your smartphone.


Check engine light: mystery solved.

Receive real-time alerts when you have an issue with your vehicle and get friendly reminders when your vehicle is in need of service.

  • Android and iPhone Mobile App

    Our easy-to-use app connects to your car’s computer and provides you with a real-time diagnostic report of your car’s health. With it, you’ll know about critical and non-critical issues as they happen. We provide you with all the important information related to the problem, the ability to get immediate assistance from a professional mechanic.

  • Connection Key

    Installed in seconds, the Bluetooth-enabled Connection Key is what takes data from your vehicle and sends it to your phone. The Connection Key is compatible with almost every vehicle manufactured since 1996.

Connecting is as easy as plug and play.

Get connected in only a matter of minutes.

Be informed when it matters most.

When you experience a car problem, Mechanic Advisor provides you all of the tools necessary to identify and fix it on one easy-to-use smartphone app:

  • Real-time Diagnostic Check

    Get alerts and explanations for over 20,000 vehicle codes ranging from low tire pressure to severe engine issues.

  • Find a Mechanic

    Not yet connected to a specific repair shop? You’ll have immediate access to our extensive database of over 500,000 mechanics complete with profiles and customer reviews.

Keep a well-maintained vehicle.

The Mechanic Advisor Connection Key and smartphone app will keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, letting you know when you’re due for recurring services like oil changes, tire replacements and mileage checkups. Making you a more informed driver and protecting your vehicle from potential.

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