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  • aaron
    Adger, AL
    VEXNet Connection
    I am completely new to all of this and looking around for help.I am currently struggling to communicate wirelessly between the joystick and the cortex.I also want to be able to program the c...
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  • Victor
    start no crank
    The car stall it didn't crank again, the fuel pomp relate loose one positive, the spark plugs not spark, the coil no spark fuel pomp no working . the Battery negative convert in positive. Can you hep ...
    1999 Gmc Suburban | answers (0)
  • Alvaro
    Are you willing to make business in Latam?
    I am interested in purchasing your product and becoming a distributor. There is a business opportunity in Peru. 
    I look forward to learn more from your product and your company.
    Best regards,
    2016 Mazda 3 Series | answers (0)
  • Ian
    How do you get a review taken down from this site?
    I left a bad review and the dealer sorted my problem, I would like to be able to amend my review the way I can on other sites like YELP etc but this site does not seem to offer this facility.
    I hav...
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  • Fred
    Error message "This VIN doesn't exist"?
    I'm going through the initial setup of the device on a 2016 Honda HR-V and get to the screen where it tries to connect to the device. I hear the beeps so I'm pretty sure it's online and ready t...
    2015 Honda Vezel | Photos Added (1) | answers (0)
  • Amanda
    connection key not connecting
    When I plug it in, it will beep and start to load, almost get to the end, and then say it cannot find the car, even though the car is on and running. Then it'll try again and not work. After a few att...
    2004 Volvo S40 | answers (0)
  • Tim
    Clearing codes?
    Why are my ABS, VSC and TRAC OFF warning lights still lit up after clearing codes with the MA?
    2006 Scion xB | answers (1)

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