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Auto Reviews in the Crystal River Area

  • TonireviewedSoapys Car Wash

    I’ve been using this company for years & never had an issue until Feb ... read more I’ve been using this company for years & never had an issue until Feb 5th. While driving with my husband through the washer we felt a tremor. When we went to the section for them to dry the van the employee brought something to our attention. Turns out that the tremor we felt was due to their equipment ripping out the front lower grille on our vehicle which started exposing some wires (pics will be attached). The employee told me he was going inside to inform his manager & he came back outside WITHOUT this manager & instead brought a cellphone to take pics. He pushed the grille and wires back in & said it was fixed now and gave me a card with his name & number & told me I should give him a call “if anything”. I didn’t clean that van for a while due to me using my car to get around instead but two weeks ago I decided to get my van washed again & the same thing happened! The machine ripped the same grille out & while we were getting the van dried another customer brought it to our attention. This was a different employee & he did the same thing by pushing the grille back in. Couple days later when I arrived home I realized I was driving all along without the grille on the van & all the wires were busted & exposed which affected the camera that helps with parking assistance. My husband & I went back to the car wash and demanded to speak with the manager & someone by the name of Diana Lopez presented herself as such. Without giving us a chance to fully explain everything that had taken place she started to say they have no equipment that low to cause that damage & she doesn’t think the camera can go all the way back to February and she would try to look at the video of the most recent visit but she knows for a fact that wasn’t caused by them. After showing her photos and asking her logical questions (to which she was unable to answer) she decided to tell us to speak with the General Manager Christopher Perez & gave me a # for another business place in Titusville (photo will be attached). She also took my info & said she would have Christopher call me the very next day which I didn’t get a phone call until I sent her a message 4-5 days later. She called back telling me Christopher was able to look at the videos from February but he can’t see who was driving my van and the van looked properly aligned & that Christopher said they don’t have any equipment that low to cause that damage (sounds rehearsed) & that my van was damaged from before so they are not responsible for that. I again started asking questions that were too logical for her & she told me I needed to call back when Christopher is there. I told her to get the employee that was there when the first incident happened because he told me he was going to speak with the manager so I’m pretty sure either her or Christopher were aware of the damage since February. Prior to their equipment damaging my vehicle in February my van was at the BMW dealership so I’m fully aware of the damages it has and those are nowhere in plain view (I have proof of this). If this is not resolved I’m going to have to resort to using legal measures.

  • I was recently in a car accident, had my vehicle taken to this shop. T... read more I was recently in a car accident, had my vehicle taken to this shop. They handled my insurance company as well as the repair. All I had to do was pick it up when it was finished. The staff was very helpful and experienced. I would suggest Affordable Auto Body to everyone! Thanks Alan

  • RogerreviewedSoapys Car Wash

    Today,1/24/2013, I had my car washed at Soapy's. The only positive thi... read more Today,1/24/2013, I had my car washed at Soapy's. The only positive thing about it was the young lady taking the money. The fellow at the entrance to the tunnel did the absolute worst job of rinsing and prepping that I have ever seen. He made one miniscule spraying of the drivers side door. He was more interested with someone walking through the parking lot. As I went through the tunnel the majority of the spray applications were not working. At the end I mentioned it to the fellow and he said they knew and were working on it. Even after the car was dried there were water spots all over with some very wide streaks of something on the hood. Very poorly handled customer service.

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