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Boat Reviews in the Fort Walton Beach Area

  • Pontoon boat, Suzuki 140 hp outboard, would barely start, would not ac... read more Pontoon boat, Suzuki 140 hp outboard, would barely start, would not accelerate past idle rams, would not shift into gears. Trailered to boat to A+ Outboard where Gene Perkins diagnosed and repaired the problems. Apparently, the motor had been stricken by lightning and the computer was damaged. Gene was able to locate an excellent used computer for my Suzuki, free up the locked control cables, replace it's spark plugs, and I was out the door in one day for less than a thousand dollars. I searched the internet and found the computer he replaced in my Suzuki costs from $1,400 to $1,800 in best case scenarios. I am grateful for the great service and the honesty of Mr. Gene Perkins, and I strongly recommend his service to anyone in need. Thanks again, Mr. Perkins.

  • JACK'S MARINE SERVICE & YACHTS corrected installation and unnecessary ... read more JACK'S MARINE SERVICE & YACHTS corrected installation and unnecessary modifications made by the installing Marine Mechanic Specialist for Perkins Diesels after other Marine Mechanics had tried and failed to locate and fix a multitude of issues resulting from an initially extremely poor installation. The Yacht's renovation was to convert from gas engines to diesel engines. The original mechanic had blocked off the risers causing the diesels to over heat. The next mechanic spent days tracing and replacing parts, yet still could not fix the heating problem! Finally, I was lucky enough to find Jack. He went over the installation from top to bottom and found the modification to the risers, which he immediately removed and corrected. He could not believe such an idiot thing had been done to the diesels! There were many other issues he found made by this same idiot. He corrected all of them and produced sound running engines. Before I found Jack, I was bleeding money right and left. Jack put a stop to that! There are a lot of wanta-abes, as far as Marine Mechanics, but Jack has more than proven his metal and total worth. If you are in the Fort Walton Beach or Destin, Florida area and need a well qualified and dependable Marine Mechanic, you couldn't do better than to call Jack! I just called him again, on another issue where I need to have my Yacht hauled, cleaned and painted. Guess who I called immediately!?! I am also having him give her another once over after the storm that went through the Florida area, just for safety and re-assurance purposes. I know I there is no one else I can depend on better than him!!! He is "The-Go-To-Guy! I've found none better.... Richard M.

  • Jeff is as good as they come....

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