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Boat Reviews in the Hernando Area

  • Crystal River Marine Stay Away! Not Honest! This place use to have gr... read more Crystal River Marine Stay Away! Not Honest! This place use to have great service when the previous service manager Ron was there! Now stay away from this place. I brought my boat in there and the last two times were a nightmare! Every-time I picked it up something else was wrong or disconnected and was told it was broken and was asked did I want to get them fixed? I brought boat in and was told that I needed new steering cables so I said go ahead and repair. When I got home noticed that the coverings for the wires were all taking off and gone? Called and fought with them to put back on! So they did and they were short and came off. Than they finally fixed and corrected after agonizing calls. Than brought in again for water in fuel and was told no leaks for the 3 rd time and charged over $1200. Than went to a reputable shop and said why don’t you put on a filter with a glass viewing area on it for $20 and you can see water and drain it out? Why didn’t the shop tell me that after spending over 1200?? Than I go to pick it up last tome and was told that my radio’s were not working? Well they were when I brought them in? Another bait switch! When I got home and spent hours trying to find problem in hull couldnt find any problems? Than went to battery compartment and wires were disconnected and shoved below? Mechanic says not working than I approve repair and than all he does connect wires and charges me?? Than when I go to connect to the on and off switch I noticed ot was missing one screw and also was put on wrong and a whole left open?? (Look pics) Also the tire for the crank was broken off were when they moved it with tractor didn’t raise it up! Well I said you broke my tire and they said it came in like that and after complaining they fixed it. So after all Of my own repairs I stopped by after calling and no return call from the owner Mike also stopped by looking for him and of course not around so left message with the new service manager shantell and she said she would have him call me and pull slips?? Why pull invoices just have him call me! Of course never called me! Also beware they also own the boat lot next door called Three Rivers Marine! Well there is a really good place down the road Homosassa Marine and ask for Vitro the service manager and he will take care of you very honest place!

  • KevinreviewedDreggors Marine

    Brought my boat here was told they would look at it that day or the ne... read more Brought my boat here was told they would look at it that day or the next and he would tell me what's wrong with it and he would give me an estimate. If I don't have them fix it it will be $85 min. 5 days goes by and they still didn't look at it. Then he calls and said there is no gas in it.(was 3 gallons in it when I brought it.) Showed up with 5 gallons of gas. Looked at my boat and there was gas in it. He said his mechanic must have found gas to put in because it was bone dry. Then he said it looks like there is water in the gas. "There gas if it was bone dry" he said he was going to dump out the gas wipe out the tank and put in the fresh gas. 2 more days goes by and they still did do anything with the boat. So I called he explained he has been busy. He called me back a half hour later and said he thinks the carbs need cleaning and kits but he don't have the kits in stock. If he just cleans the carbs it $260. If he cleans them and put kits in $300."but it will take a week to order the parts" or if I just want to take it like it is $100. I asked why $100 instead of $85. He said he brought it up to the shop twice 1st time it had no gas. Then he said he drained the tank and wiped it out. He said it ran the 2nd time but not very good. "Same thing I told him when i brought it there" so I know nothing more then when i brought it there now and its $100. I paid him the $100 took the boat home and emptied the fuel tank back into the 5 gallon one that I brought the fresh gas in and it wouldn't fit. That means he never drained the gas and cleaned out the tank like he said.

  • Very unsatisfied with the people at this business, they have very bad... read more Very unsatisfied with the people at this business, they have very bad attitudes. We enquired about a motor they had for sale and were treated as if they were the customer and we were the buyer. We asked for them to start the motor up for us and they replied unless you are buying the motor I don't have time for you. Wanted us to guarantee that we were buying a motor that we could not even listen to before purchasing. Then as I spoke to the owner he replied that we need deposits down in order to hear motor run. A little Shady if you ask me and where does the line of customer service cross into being an inconvenience to sell a product. I hope this business gets some patience and service respect be joyous about selling a product. In a sense you wouldn't have to put a down payment down to hear a car run wow what a mean group of men.

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