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Gas Station Reviews in the Lecanto Area

  • JoannereviewedShell 2003

    Like so many others yesterday (8/28) I waited in line to get my car fi... read more Like so many others yesterday (8/28) I waited in line to get my car filled with gas prior to the storm arrival. I want to let the Shell managers all know how pleased I was to have such excellent service during this trying time. I pulled up into the long line of waiting vehicles when a Shell employee approached my car and asked what side of the car did I fill my car at, when I told her she told me ok, wait and I'll let you know when to pull forward and a pump will be ready. Two employees worked at keeping the flow moving so smoothly with no one getting angry because of their quick and professional guidance in keeping everything running so nicely with no hang ups. They had all cars pull in one way, wait for their directive to move forward into the pump needed, then they pulled out in one direction. No cutting in by drivers because they had a system and kept to it. No horns honking and bumper benders and every one seemed happy to have these two women taking control and keeping piece in what could have been a real mess up. My granddaughter works at the Dunkin inside the Shell Station and she said it made a great difference. I just hope these ladies get a big Thank you from the company because they sure have it from us, the grateful customers.

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