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Auto Reviews in the Pahokee Area

  • IrynreviewedEuro Experts Inc

    I'm doing service on my car with Euro Experts last 5 years . Its a 6- ... read more I'm doing service on my car with Euro Experts last 5 years . Its a 6- Bay auto repair shop , nice office and stuff . I switched from my Dealer to this guys, they bit the Dealer price + I got original parts and warranty for the dealer parts and I like atmosphere here .Every Oil change I receive a sticker on my window so I know my millege and when I need to change it again. When I receive my car back last time it was 100,00 maitenance recommendation, so they did an appoitment for the morning 8 am and we discussed estimate by phone. I ask if i can leave car earlier like 7.30 am , and they had no problem to do this favor for me ,also i was provided a car so I could drive to work .After work i receive a phone call that my car is ready. It just so convenient for me and I was happy to had my car back in time . Actually all my friend and relatives coming here if they have any issues with there cars . The owner, Simon very nice and responsible .I was looking to buy a car for my daughter, Simon helped me with all the papers and i don't need to go to DMV . Thank you Euroexpert and Simon . I will come back for oil change next week .

  • ArthurreviewedEuro Experts Inc

    They deserved ZERO stars , that's what are worth as shop I left my so... read more They deserved ZERO stars , that's what are worth as shop I left my son's car for brake repair, in which the cost was estimated to be 139 dollars, throughout the repair i was contacted and told to purchase parts to replace, Because the vehicle was misdiagnosed. I was never given another estimate or told that the price has changed verbally or as a written statement. When it came time to retrieve the vehicle I was surprised and confused as why I was being charged over 600 dollars for the labor, as I supplied the parts. The car on the other hand was not repaired, the brakes were inadequate and the vehicle was undoubtedly unroadworthy. Due to these intolerable factors I refused to pay for a repair that was not complete and at a price which was not discussed, Violating Florida statute 559.905 "written motor vehicle repair estimate and disclosure statement required" as no written, or verbal statement or final cost of repairs was disclosed to me prior to picking up the vehicle. At which point the owner of the business "Glazer Simon /Shimon" refused to release my vehicle.official complaint has been made to Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) , XV Judicial Court for Palm Beach County .

  • TedreviewedTilden Car Care

    Hello Trusting public; ? I am Theodore Russo, owner of Tilden Car ... read more Hello Trusting public; ? I am Theodore Russo, owner of Tilden Car Scam in Royal Palm Beach, FL. When you come in to my shop I guarantee the following will definitely happen to you. You have my word on it!! ? First I will tell you that your car is too dangerous to drive, and I will not let you leave my shop without me repairing the fake and made up repairs. I start by saying that your brakes are no good even though I never even looked at them. Another scam is I tell you that your serpentine belt is about to break and that you will be stranded on the highway. This works every single time lol…losers. ? We will charge you for work that is not done to your car, and have no problem lying directly to your face. We at Tilden won’t install any new parts into your car because we don’t take out any old parts….this is a big part of my scam! ? You all are fools and that you do not know anything about auto repair. We’re big on bait and switch; it’s a great money maker. ? At the end you will be furious with all tactics and lies I use to rip you off. I do not care one bit about you or your families’, or the public’s safety for that matter. ALL I WANT IS YOUR MONEY period and I will do and say anything I have to get it from your wallet or purse! Remember, you’re all fools!! I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BACK when I’m caught and this I promise you!! ? When I lie I don’t remember what I say or to whom I’ve said it to. That does not bother me at all; my MO is that I make things up as I go along. ? I am counting and “banking your money lol” that you do not take me to court; this is how I make my money by ripping you off. I mean who has the time to go to court, pay more money for the forms and then take time out of work to appear. I promise you that I will lie in court as the laws of Florida do not apply to me lol. The law makers are fools!! ? Go and complain to the BBB or the Florida AG office, all I have to do is deny that any of this ever happened and they will close the case. LOL, the system is perfectly rigged for a guy like me…I love it…SWEET!! Ha Ha Ha ? All I had to do was pay for the franchise fee: of only $29,900 from the President of Tilden Car Care, Robert Baskind (New York). Bob does not care at all how I run my scam business as he already got his money. I promise you that he will do nothing at all about your complaints when I flat out lie and steal from you. ? We do not care about repeat customers, just let me screw you over once and I’m happy, I’ve done my job. I just move on to the next one that’s all. Thanks to all that I have ripped off, that you never have reported me. It is people like you that I count on to make my money. Search Yahoo/ Ted Russo Tilden Car Scam RPB, FL Please print and pass on

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