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Truck Reviews in the Port Saint Lucie Area

  • On 060616 I dropped my boat off at Ocean Side Truck and Trailer in Jup... read more On 060616 I dropped my boat off at Ocean Side Truck and Trailer in Jupiter to have the ski tower repaired due to the gentlemen quoted me a price of $175.00 and advised me it would be ready on 061016. On 060916 I received a phone call telling me that the job is much more than originally believed and the price is now $450 to close to $600. I advised him that is a big bait and switch but I will pay the $450 since he already had my boat. On 061016 the run around began and I was advised it was not ready for one reason or another for the next three weeks. On 070116 I went to Ocean Side Truck and Trailer due to being told they can’t fix the ski tower. I then was advised they are able to fix the boat and it would be ready later that day (070116) and was told to call prior to going there. Due to the above history I went and was pleasantly surprised when I learned it was fixed and ready to go. The boat was backed up toward a fence and I believe now so the damage on the motor was shielded. I was told the bill was $400 and I paid it and left. I went to a marine store around the corner immediately after leaving Oceanside and walked by the back of the boat and immediately observed that half of my skeg on my lower end unit was missing and the part left was bent. The skeg is to the rear of the propeller on the outboard motor for the boat. I then immediately called Oceanside and am transferred to the owner “Chris” I believe and he advises me he thought he was doing me a favor by cutting the skeg since it was bent. The skeg was not bent when I brought the boat in almost a month ago and it doesn’t make any since to a logical person why he would cut half a skeg off if he had nothing to do with bending it. The part of the skeg left was painted and grinded smooth so it would not immediately be observed. I believe while Oceanside had the boat in their storage area they hit the above skeg and bent it and heated it with a torch in an attempt to bend it back and it snapped. I had Jupiter Police Department come out to the scene and Officer Lowe documented the above due to the owner I believe “Chris” admitting to cutting the skeg. The event number is 16172543. I was advised by “Chris” he would make the above right and to leave the boat there so he could fix it but I believe if that was true he would of originally done that instead of giving me the run around for almost a month and letting me leave with my broken boat after paying $400. Once I got home I further inspected my boat and learned that the outboard motor will not turn as well due to being hit so hard with something when the skeg got bent while at Oceanside.

  • Mike and his team of technicians provided excellent service at competi... read more Mike and his team of technicians provided excellent service at competitive prices and we were very pleased. I would recommend CFFS to anyone passing through the area. Mike and his staff were very professional and caring. Excellent experience!

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