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Boat Reviews in the Saint Lucie West Area

  • Stepehnreviewed7 Seas Composites LLC

    On Jan.24th of 2014, We hired 7 Seas Composites- Fiberglass- boat repa... read more On Jan.24th of 2014, We hired 7 Seas Composites- Fiberglass- boat repairs to replace the deck and paint our 23 ft. Seavee hull. Jeff Pincheon, The owner of 7 seas gave us a verbal estimate of 3,500. We agreed on this amount. We have now paid Jeff Pincheon a total of 7,500. We are now in the month of June, we removed the boat from his place of business because, he still couldn't give us a firm price on completing the boat. Obviously he did not know how to finish this boat. We took the Seavee, to a boat manufacturer, Fiberglass Supply company , and two fiberglass repair companies, that gave us estimates, before we contracted with 7 Seas. They concluded : 1. Gel coat on the hull, was improperly applied. It will now require extra labor to wet sand the defects. 2. Rub rail was not removed for painting, which created gaps in the gel coat. A professional boat painter would have removed the rub rail. 3. Inperfections in the prep work were not addressed before gel coating. Creating more labor to correct. 4. Deck installed was not leveled. Deck would not drain water properly. 5. Certain areas of the deck were soft. The reason was not enough fiberglass and the wron type of fiberglass mat was used. 6 The deck hatch frames were weak and were not level with the deck. This will cause extra labor to farie, to be level with the deck. Also they have to be reinforced for hatch covers. 7 The sanding and remove of the old paint on insidethe boat and gunnels was the wrong grit sandpaper. It put deep sand marks and scratches. This alone was the key point that will cause a extensive labor costs to sand and faire.

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