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  • I don't know how they do it, but Mitch and his guys are good, cheap, a... read more I don't know how they do it, but Mitch and his guys are good, cheap, and fast. My 2006 GMC truck would give me all kinds of fits when I drove it. It would run great, then die, then barely run, then be great again... It was really frustrating! My local shop said it could be several possibilities, but wanted to start by doing a tune-up and go from there. I wasn't impressed with their guesses; I wanted a solution. I went online looking for a better deal. I found Shaw Auto Service and gave them a call. I told the guy on the phone what was up and he was honest about it - he said he didn't know, but they would figure it out. Keith came out later that day, did about an hour of testing, and told me I needed a fuel pump - guaranteed to fix my problem, he said. Well, when he got to the fuel pump he found a bad wire and fixed it. I got to take the $250 pump back to the store, just paid for his time, and haven't had any problems since. Just awesome!

  • AmandareviewedRoeland Motors

    Let me first say that the people are very friendly until a problem ari... read more Let me first say that the people are very friendly until a problem arises. I bought an SUV from them 8 months ago. I needed a vehicle to drive back and forth to work and was safe for my children, as I didn't have a vehicle. I clearly stated this when talking to them in which they sold me this vehicle. I had my down payment money plus taxes in hand. The next business day I had to bring it back, I told them something was not right it was jumping and you couldnt keep it on the road after it had been cranked for around 30 minutes and it was roaring. Freddie was who I spoke to and I handed him the keys. He proceeded to tell me he drove the car from South Carolina with no problems and nothing was wrong with it. They took it to their mechanic and the hubs were bad and a few other things. I got it back and the steering wheel was sitting vertical instead of horizontal where the mechanic had done work with the tires and never aligned it. So I told them this and they had it aligned. I continued to have problems as the real issue was never resolved as to why it was jumping. It was throwing some codes so I had this checked out and was told it had timing issues and the transfer case module was bad along with some other sensors. I brought it back to them and they again brought it to another mechanic. He proceeded to do all kinds of work and sent them the bill. I called the mechanic and asked Him if he had drove the car and it was fixed. He told me he had been driving the car and that everything was fixed worked like a dream. I drove it not even a mile from his shop to the car lot and it was jumping all over the place! I told the owner of the dealership to drive it and he didnt know what was wrong and told me he was going to bring it back to the mechanic himself in the morning. He was upset that they had charged him close to $2000 + $500 for the first time it went to the mechanic. Needless to say I got the car back and now it has no power, It roars when you try to do 30 MPH and I cant drive it. I went to talk to them about just bringing it back, and they got hot headed and started telling me that every car that was brought back was making it harder for them to retire. I am thinking WAIT A MINUTE... I pay you $109 every week without fail for a vehicle that I have had problems with since the day I bought it, cant get my children to school in or myself to work in...You have not offered me another vehicle or to make it right when your mechanics cant fix the problem and YOU PLAY THE VICTIM and act like its MY FAULT you cant retire. Or that you paid the mechanic bills. YOU should have had all the problems resolved BEFORE SELLING THE VEHICLE and it wouldnt be coming back to you. Its not my fault that you sold me a vehicle that didnt run. I paid my hard earned money of $1500 + $109 weekly payments for the last 8 months and all I expect in return was a GOOD RUNNING CAR. Before you buy a car from this car lot have it inspected by someone you trust because once the papers are signed they no longer care!

  • JonathonreviewedShaw Mobile Auto Service

    I own a '03 Saab 9-3, and just as it was time for my tag to be renewed... read more I own a '03 Saab 9-3, and just as it was time for my tag to be renewed, that wonderful little "Check Engine" light came on during my afternoon commute. So, as usual, I made an appointment over at the dealer to get things checked out. I figured as long as I was there, I'd get the oil change and the free inspection done; I had some work to do anyway. After awhile, the service advisor comes over and says, with the most pleasant look on his face, that they will be "more than happy" to take care of the problem causing my light to be on, and, by the way, your water pump is also leaking a bit... the total? $1200 for the light and almost $1100 to do the pump. You folks better be completely ecstatic if I were to have both items done! I said I'd think about it, paid $120 in diagnostic fees, plus $65 for the oil change, and went back to the office to consider how I could blow the car up while having it look like an accident. Instead, I shared my troubles with an associate who suggested I try Craig's List; I figured it couldn't hurt, and Shaw Mobile was the only ones I saw that listed Saab as one of the cars they worked on. I called and spoke with Mike, who seemed ok (but anyone can "sound" ok), so I made the appointment to have him come to the house the next day. He diagnosed a bad connector to the sensor which made it look like this thing in the engine was all messed up (so I don't worry about proper names - shoot me). But he fixed the connector for the diagnosis fee of $60 plus $30 labor, and then gave me a quote of less than half of the dealer on the water pump.... Guess who did the pump??? Everything turned out great, Mike did an awesome job, and the "stealership" got an earful from me later that week. I'll always use Shaw Mobile from now on; and that other place? They'll never see me again!

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