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Auto Reviews in the Norcross Area

  • PaulreviewedCarma Motorsports

    I have never left a review for anything but I just had the worst custo... read more I have never left a review for anything but I just had the worst customer service experience which included waiting 2 days to be contacted, being accused of stealing, being called a piece of shit and told to fuck off. This was an experience that other people need to know about. My check engine light came on in my 2007 BMW X3 so I brought it into Carma Motorsports since it’s down the street from where I live. I dropped off my car on Sunday night and left the key in the drop box. I called on Monday morning at 8:30 to confirm with them that they received it. I was told by Jennifer that I would receive a phone call after they had looked at it. After never receiving a phone call and trying to call all day, I stopped there at 6 and was told that the phone and internet was down and that was why I never received a phone call. They told me the phones and internet should be fixed in the morning and I would receive a call then, but that they only things that need to be fixed are the ignition coil and air mass meter boot. On Tuesday, I finally received a phone call and received a quote for $1,600 to fix the ignition coil, air mass meter boot, and that I also needed all new front and rear brakes. After waiting over 36 hours to hear anything, this was not good news so I called around to get a few other opinions since that seemed pretty steep. I ended up finding somewhere else that could do all of the same work for almost $500 less. I called Carma and let them know of the lower quote and asked if they could match it. After being told no, I said I was going elsewhere and that I would pick up my car at 6. After arriving, I was told that I still owed $120 for the diagnostic check to find out what was wrong. I informed Adam and another man with a shaved head (unfortunately I didn’t get his name) that I was not going to pay that since it took them so long to get back to me with anything and that what they quoted wasn’t even close to a good price compared to what I was able to find elsewhere, and because no one had told me about the cost of a diagnostic check when I said I was picking up the car. I asked if they had an issue with that and the bald man told me did have an issue because it’s stealing. I responded by saying that I understand that their time is valuable but so is mine. I will never be going back and I’m going to make an effort to make sure other people don’t either.

  • ErnestreviewedJiffy Lube

    I was at Jiffy Lube on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth. GA to do a norma... read more I was at Jiffy Lube on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth. GA to do a normal oil change and after about 20 minutes into the oil change, I was called to come under the bay to see something. Went in and the man working on my car told me the nut that locks on the pan would leak oil after they finish changing the oil. Apparently he broke it while unscrewing it. I informed him that my car has never leaked oil and I'm wondering why he did this. He told me "well you can fill out a claims form" if you feel badly about this. Filled out a claims form and my horrors began. First they did not fax in my claims form until I called corporate office. Emailed the customer care supervisor pictures of oil leak. Did not get an acknowledgement. They sent one of their staff Chuck who is on their telephone system to give me a call. The horror continued. Chuck was so rude and antagonistic and he clearly was acting out a script designed for Jiffy Lube not taking responsibility for their staff action. Told me the previous company who I have been using since my car was about 10k miles without issues was responsible for the broken nut. My argument is that if their staff knew the nut was hard to remove, he should have called my attention to it before proceeding further instead he called my attention after he got it broken. Now I am stuck between legal action or cough out money that I never planned on spending because I went for a cheaper Groupon powered Oil change.

  • Awesome Lexus shop. I have been to a lot of shops and this one really... read more Awesome Lexus shop. I have been to a lot of shops and this one really stands out with their friendly and knowledgeable staff. While I was just traveling thru for business I would recommend this place to friends and family who live in the area or need service in the greater Atlanta area.

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